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Saturday, April 19, 2008

So Sweet It Will Make You Sick

Yesterday, my son fell off his bike and hit his head on our driveway. I heard him scream, ran outside and scooped him up, then tried to make the pain go away by distracting him. He has never been one to accept that a kiss or hug will make his boo-boo's go away. He instead wants something to take his mind off it.

We sat down on a swing in our backyard and I showed him the budding leaves on the tree, then I pointed at the blue sky and said, "I love spring. The sunshine makes me so happy." Then I asked him, "What makes you happy?"

My guess is that he thought he'd get an extra cookie after dinner when he replied, "Your smile, Mom."

Then he shot butterflies and rainbows out of his fingertips. Okay, not really...but the comment about my smile...totally true.

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There's nothing wrong with this boy:)
What a sweetie. And you know what? When they get older, they're still wonderful, just more nuanced about how they say it.

Nothing quite like the straight to the heart directness of a small child, though.
Auh, that is so sweet. I love it when they surprise you with a mushy answer.

Glad he is ok.
Maybe I should make my boys crack their heads open more often....
I'm not sick from the sweetness, but my hat is indeed off to this junior master.

Hopefully he wasn't foolish enough to ask you for anything too soon after, to ruin the moment.
AWwww ... so sweet. Good to hear he was okay.
How lovely. Aren't these moments the best?
you need to bottle it and sell it. you'll make a fortune. little-boy-sweetness in a can.

actually the way *i've* put it doesn't sound so good.

let's pretend i said "awww...that is sweet!" yes that's better.
When Im sad, she comes to me
With a thousand smiles, she gives to me free.....(Jimi--Little Wing)

This post just made me think of this song. Fantastic. And thanks for putting one of my favorite songs into my head.
Oh, the bestest answer ever! Sorry to hear of his fall... hope he is feeling better!

Blog Hoppin'
Oh this boy of yours is just so awesome!
My six year old doesn't like to be comforted when he gets hurt either. My older son was opposite, so it's been hard for me. I just want to scoop them up when they cry!

What a sweetie though, whether or not he was aiming for another cookie, he had the right answer to melt any mother's heart.

Nice to meet you! I saw your comments on someone's website and came to check your blog out...can't remember who's though, sorry.
He is an absolute charmer. I love them at that age.
Are you kidding? Butterflies and rainbows is NOTHING after that!!!!!

I am in love....

"Your smile, Mom."

Clearly, I am still hormonal (or is this a permanent condition now that I'm a mom?). That brought tears to my eyes . . .
aaaahhhh!! How sweet. What a sweet boy. Sorry he got hurt.
shweet! Glad he was ok and you, yer such a trip!
Blimey, that must have been a pretty bad bang on the head. ;)
But really, that was adorable. I love it when they say stuff like that.
I love it--I'd give him MY cookie for that comment :)
That is so sweet, I think I got a cavity from reading it! :}
I hope you gave him at least TWO cookies for that!
Sounds serious. You'd better get him to the ER ASAP!!
Don't ever lose that million-dollar smile!! What a sweet kid and how nice to know that even though he doesn't like the hugging and the kissing stuff, he loves being embraced by your smile (AND he let you know that!).

Do you sneak in the kisses when he sleeps??
Awwww, he is sooo sweet!
Awwwwww! :) Give that boy a hug from me. He is too sweet.
Why am I such a girl??I have HUGE tears in my eyes and my heart is saying "awh"..Is it because those stinky little boys shoot straight for the heart??
you are raising an amazing man right there honey. That is beautiful.
You were right...I barfed a little. Just kidding! Don't hit me! :D

Your boy is awesome! I bet he even hopped right back on the bike. :D
Sickeningly sweet! Very cool though.
Oh, oh, oh, that totally warms my heart. What a beautiful, memorable moment.

I love it!

Those are the ones that make all the disappointments and frustrations fade away...those are the moments we remember.
that is what it is all about. what a sweet boy.
I f-ing love how you write. Just when I think it's going one way, it goes another and then right back the other way. And all very succinct too.
I agonize to get a post out and you are so to the point and prolific.
I really loved this post. Of course it was funny, but it also got to the heart of what makes us all melt.
That is insanely adorable. ;D

Hi, I saw your comment on Bossy's road trip and just had to say, no, we don't always have blue skies in California.
I have at least a hundred [if not way more, I've never counted] overcast days per year, including many in the summer. ;p
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