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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

She Ain't Heavy, She's My Daughter

There are many days when I look at my kids and find myself jealous of them.

They have an almost complete lack of responsibility. Outside of my nine year old daughter's homework and some very minimal chores at home, these children don't have much on their daily list of things to accomplish.

They have energy I can only dream about. Oh wait, I don't sleep. That's another thing. They snooze right through the night. Every night.

They skip, climb trees, and swing. Life is fun.

The other day my Mom was visiting, and she asked how much my daughter weighs. I replied, "Sixty-one pounds."

And I added "Not Ashamed of Their Weight" to my list of jealousies, when my daughter piped in, "Don't forget the point four!"

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Oh - the days when we were glad to add up our age and our weight. Rounding up.

And now, we round down and it still sucks.

Thanks for visiting my blog!
So true isn't it? I am totally jealous of my kids. I took for granted being a kid when I was a kid...
Yeh, but kids HAVE to do what their parents say at the end of the day. I think I'd rather be an adult. lol. Maybe. I need to think about this. No, I'd rather just be a college kid...with my parents paying for college. Freedom and few responsibilities...wouldn't that be nice?
It always has to be precise with kids... lol
she weighs about the same as my right leg. from the knee down.

bless her youthfulnessesness.
It's interesting how many hangups we develop over the years, things that would never have occurred to us (nor would have cared about) as kids.
Or when someone asks you how old they are and you say three but they hear you and interject .. "Ma.. I am three and a half.." LOL
lol That's funny. She's just got to rub it in.

I wrote a post on my similar jealousy of my kids: Age is wasted on the elderly

Your daughter weighs as much as my guilt over not being super-buff at my age while it's still so easy. I need to start bench-pressing both my kids duct-taped to a chair, or something.

On the other hand, she also weighs about as much as both my kids put together-- you can tell her that to start her complex early!
I sure miss those days. Now I'm just twice the man I used to be.
sigh. I'd love to be that excited about my weight.
Oh the good ole days....Now, I don't tell anyone my number...None of their business...As a matter of fact, I don't even really know the number...

Only my doctor knows for sure.
Ahhhh...youth is wasted on the young--I never thought I would say that ;)
what makes me really sad is that there are girls who start obsessing about their weight in gradeschool...'re right. Their day's comin' *L*
My kids adjust the scale to start at 20 before they stand on it so the weigh more. Always wishing they were bigger than they are.
Yep, kids are so annoying. ;)
Yay for the not having weight issues though. I so hope my kids stay that way.
I love this! Princess weighed herself at Monkey's last appt and at 4 1/2 she weighs 47.6 pounds and couldn't be prouder, she also loves to have us look at how big her tummy gets after she eats :-) LOL. Love those kids and their brilliant innocence.
Wow, it won't last long, that not caring about their weight thing. My daughter (14) was just bragging about how much weight she lost on her trip to Florida (5 days) and that she had to pin her capri's to keep them from falling off her.
I feel that way about my twins every day. They go to school for 4 hours, come home, play, watch a little TV, then go to bed and do it all over again.

I could live like that. I really could.
I love that age when kids keep rounding stuff up, weight, height, age...
Man, if we could harness a kids energy we would never complain about gas prices again.

Your daughter's youthful exuberance is adorable.
Ed nailed it. That 'point four' comment is priceless. Metaphoric for the condition which is being a kid. Awesome.
61.4! Oh, to be a kid. An awesome kid at that!
HAHA!! Oh to be 61.4 pounds again!
I prefer to round down, as far as I possibly can!
To me, ".4" means I can round DOWN! LOL!
Wow ... I think I was 61 lbs when I was 5 or 6!! Seriously. I remember my friend and I weighing ourselves and I said something along the lines of, "Ha-ha! I weigh more than you do," in a nyeah-nyeah way, bc he was about 40 lbs. He replied, "Well that just means you're FAT."

He shut me UP! :)
I miss the days of having no responsibilities too. Especially around the holidays. When you're a kid you get to relax and just enjoy the family and festivities. When you're the mom you got to plan the festivities, make the festivities and clean up the festivities!
Har! Enjoy it while it lasts, kid....
Yes, but they're also really comfortable running around outside without pants, and I don't know if I need to return to that innocence.

You're so good at capturing these little snippets of what makes them so cute at their various ages. What a great collection of things to have for when they start saying "you're an idiot!"
everything after the "point" is always the most important.
I am jealous of my kids for having a great mom! :)

I look at it this way: we all had our chance already. It just went by too fast, and yet, I wouldn't want to relive my childhood, would you??
Id love to be 6 again.......
POINT FOUR!!! That is great. I will never add a "point anything" to my weight or age.

I agree, somedays the innocence and lack of responsibility seems so appealing, but then I think about pimples, frizzy hair, and jr. high and I am thrilled to be an adult! Thanks for stopping by my blog;)
My dog weighs more than your daughter! Our sweet Annie is a whopping 80lbs.

Your daughter is adorable, and it's so nice when they don't care how much they weigh or develop insecurities about it. Savor this stage...and freeze it!!
Kids SUCK.
That's adorable.

Clever, clever girl.
Fantastic! We should all learn from her.

Thanks for visiting my humble blog today. I am so honored to have momofali over for a visit, but I hadn't cleaned up the place. I have been behind in my blogging due to visting with my real life parents in the flesh. and enjoying temperatures that allow for my knees to show!!!

My son's cast IS waterproof!


Just enough to get her out of having to use a booster seat in some states--that 1.4 above 60 is important at that age!
I feel the same way about my teenage babysitters. They are beautiful, thin, have no bills to pay and have plenty of money to spend on themselves! So after I pay them and bid them farewell, I have to resist the urge to scratch their eyes out!
Love. love. love. this.
How funny. Yes, it does seem they have it incredibly easy.
Not only are they not ashamed of their weight, they are downright THRILLED when they gain weight. Now I'm jealous, too.

Great post! :)
I was saying to a friend to day that I felt bad I'm always nagging my daughter at night to brush teeth and go potty. She put me in my place. "BRUSHING TEETH AND GOING POTTY DOES NOT MAKE FOR SUCH A TOUGH LIFE!"
So true. If that's all I had to do, I'd be a lot less stressed out~!
totally love it. kids have must-be-exactism. and it is TIRING having discussions with the 8 year olds, yes? i mean they have a memory like a steel trap!! jeeeez!
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