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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Carrots Are More Appropriate

This morning brought yet another instance where I was astonished to hear the words coming out of my mouth, when I looked at my five year old son and said, "Don't play your drums with your banana peel."

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HAHAHA!! That is definitily something you only say or hear once in a lifetime!
I'm having a hard time picturing how that would work physically. I guess he'd have to be whipping the drums and content for an underwhelming noise.

You're braver than I am to give a 5-year-old a drum kit.

It's a long list of statements we never thought we'd have to say to someone that come up daily with kids. If you can think it (perhaps while dreaming or on some interesting substances) they will do it, at one time or another.
Haha! You guys all crack me up.

Btw...I issued a challenge on
LOL... the things we say. I should start a list.

This one was great though. :)
I agree with OHmommy...someone should start compiling a list of the random things that come out of the mouths of mothers. (can't say "our mouths" since I'm not a mother, but I still enjoy the comments)
LOL! :p
Carrots would be better.
Yep, carrots.

preferably steamed.
kinda makes real good sense though.

Banana peels and drums. The kid in me wants to try that.

I recently had to tell my son that vinegar and baking soda are for baking and not making cherry bombs in our bathroom. Take it outside or bake me a cake.

I love being a mom.
ha ha ha ...banana peel drums. he's crafty. ill give him that! :)
Yeah, not the most quoted of lines or widely used percussion tools, I'd imagine.
It is true, parents say the weirdest things.
you are such a buzzkill.

My favorite thing I yelled at the boys was "TAKE THE BABY'S SHOES OUT OF THE FRIDGE". I remember yelling it because I was so upset and then laughing because, well...I just yelled that.
I love saying stupid things and realizing it, my favorite is "Get your feet out of your milk!"
things are never dull around there, are they?
It is certainly a phrase that Shakespeare never used.

But it is excellent advice for all aspiring musicians.
Oh, too funny. My still-favorites that I never thought to hear come out of my mouth were, "It probably isn't the best idea to play on the roof when I am gone," and "The baby's penis is NOT a toy!" which, taken out of context, sounds terrible, know.
Hee hee. That is a little unusual. ;)
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