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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wanna Borrow My Inhaler Honey?

My husband runs a half marathon every spring, and is now in training mode. Due to the 20 inch snowfall we had yesterday, he had to suck it up and run eight miles on my treadmill.

Our five year old son saw him plugging along and said to me, "Dad is running SO fast."

I replied, "He is, isn't he? He runs much faster than I do."

He looked at his father again, then said, "Yeah, but his face turns purple, just like yours does."

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Hahaha...out of the mouths of babes...
And so young, he learns the valuable life lesson: running or exerting yourself= purple face & lack of oxygen!
Ha! He is so full of funny stuff to say to make us readers laugh! cute!
Yr son is so freaking Spot on! I love the stuff he says! I know he's just adorable!ljogxzi
so long as it's not blue and he's still running....
its official. I am IN LOVE with your son.
Purple is sexy!
reckon that's how prince came up with the whole purple thing?

some dude struggling in the gym one day and the wee funky one says 'Mmmm I'm a gonna make this look gooooood'?
I'd turn purple too. I suck at running. :) Actually, I think I get really white.
Well, at least he didn't say, "Well how come his face doesn't turn purple like yours does??"
The honesty of kids :)
funny kid!! glad he never saw me run!! i turn red and splotchy!!
What is running? hehehehe

(running is my least fav thing in the whole world to do.. prob because I look like a chicken doin it.. :) )
I couldn't imagine running 8 miles. I ran 6 miles once in basic training and blew out my knee. It wasn't a very cool experience.

I'll just stick to 2 miles or less.
Would you mind running some for me by proxy? Just a mile or two would be good for my thighs. Thanks.
See, if I run I get knocked out. You know, by the girls.
He is a riot!!
YOU crack me up. I am still laughing at your comment about my post. I think I love you in a totally platonic blogger friend kind of way. I mean how could I not. You have eyeballs on your socks and your face turns pretty colors.
BahHAHAAha... that is priceless.
lol - that's one of my favorite things about being a mother - the innocent, unfiltered truth. :)
When he brings home that first date, revenge will be yours. Hee hee.
hey!!! i'm going to do the one in october!!!

purple face? do you know you're allowed to breathe while you run? it is actually *helpful* - they encourage it!! you get extra points for breathing *on* other people because your healthy jogging breath is so good for them.

i *might* have made that last bit up, i'm not sure.
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