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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Grandma Needs To Carry A Flask

I just went to lunch with my son, my daughter and my Mom. We were in a crowded restaurant, directly next to a table with a woman, her son, her daughter, and her Mom. It was a mirror image of us, with one exception...the little boy at their table wouldn't stop whining.

My Mom was facing them and told me a few times that the boy seemed really spoiled. Having known quite a few special needs kids, I told her that he might have some kind of behavioral problem we weren't aware of. Through my own experience, I have learned not to judge.

But, my Mom held her ground and disagreed, saying that she could just tell he was spoiled. A few times, I saw her look over at the older woman and flash her a sympathetic smile, Grandma to Grandma.

It turns out, that my Mom was probably right about that boy's attitude, because on the way out of the restaurant, the other Grandmother approached her. And, I'm doubting that a woman with a special needs grandchild, would come up to my Mom, grab her arm at 1:00 in the afternoon and say, "I think it's time for a drink".

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Har! Now THAT would have been great to see!!!
LOL! Poor Grandma!
Must've been pretty bad!
LOL that would have had me rolling with laughter!
Oh--you must have run into my mother ;)
oh my word.....THAT is priceless. tee hee
Poor Grandma of a spoiled child.

(but who says there is something wring with drinks that early?)
Ha ha! The best things about being a grandma are apparently (a) you get to hand the kids back when they start being annoying; (b) you then get to go out for a drink with another grandma and laugh about it!
You should have intercepted with a vallium, or something. That works too. ;)
HaHa!! That poor Grandmother!
Heehee! I do feel sorry for the other grandmother!
bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! That's my kind of Grandma!
Oh that is funny!!
Don't all Grandmas drink at one in the afternoon? Hehehehe.
Haha! That post captures everything that grandmas are: intuitive AND wise.
that is SO freaking funny!!!!!!
I love your blog, Momo. I have been meaning to comment, have just been too sick to make the effort. Sometimes it is your concise writing style that makes things so much funnier. =D Thanks for the laughs.
oh see now you *say* you don't judge. but really, you just assUUUUmed that woman meant *of liquor* now, didn't you. it could have been any one of a number of things.

maybe that boy *wasn't* spoiled at all, and he only gets a drink *once* a day? hmm? hmm? maybe that woman was letting your mother know that not only was he *not* spoiled, he was, in fact, horribly deprived of drink?

actually, you're probably right. that woman is such a lush.
That is Awesome! See mama does know best. Too funny!
oh my goodness!!! HILARIOUS!!!!
I swear my mom needs a few or five drinks around my girls sometimes. Then she'd just talk their ear off and make stupid jokes.
"Having known quite a few special needs kids, I told her that he might have some kind of behavioral problem we weren't aware of. Through my own experience, I have learned not to judge."

all I have to say is God bless you. The world needs more understanding momo's. My oldest TWO melted down at a skating rick event recently, and yes, they have sp needs, and no, I still do not know really how to deal with them....sympathetic eyes are always welcome-those with fear in the eyes, need not look!
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