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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Then I Ordered A Double Saki

My husband and I took the kids out to dinner at a new Japanese steak house nearby. You know, the kind of restaurant where they make the food right at your table, with lots of fancy knife work, spatula egg-tossing, and volcanoes made out of onions.

After we started eating our meals, our chef wiped down the cooking area with a steaming hot cloth, then he scoured it front to back, and left to right.

And, as soon as the stainless steel surface was sparkling and clean, my five year old son lopped a forkful of rice right into the middle of it.

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uh oh! As a wife of a chef I can imagine what the chef was thinking when he did that!
Though I am laughing pretty hard! lmao!
we went to one on Saturday. We sat at the large party table because they were packed, so there were a lot of us around the surface. Well, the chef on the left side was awesome and entertaining. Our chef, we deduced, was either a dud or in training... He said nothing, broke every egg he tried to fancifully crack. We were patient...

Until, until left-chef started searing shrimp and tossing them to his table inhabitants, and our chef cleaned his grill and left.

Where was our shrimp???

We were ticked...

So, we started taking the shrimp from our plates and tossing them to our "across the way" neighbors. Loads of fun, despite all of the shrimp and shrimp shapes on the sparkling surface between us. Oh well...

Maybe next time you guys should just come with us! :)
How could he resist? It was so pretty and clean and well, he didn't want the show to be over :-)
LOL. That's too cute.
I love those restaurants.
No way! Your kids are a riot! :D
HeHe. I love taking the kids out to eat:)
You need a camera on your little one at all times.. He is the funniest!!!

Okay, maybe not funny to you.. but that was hysterical!! :)
HAHA!! Just like home, huh?
Well, what was left to do? Too funny! At least he didn't try to get the rice inside the chef's hat. =)
Hey, at least you braved going INTO a RESTAURANT to eat.

Me and mi familia? not gonna happen.
i just want to say that i think your son has been all OVER my house. rice? everywhere. it's ridiculous. could you please ask him to stop.

oh, wait, no that was my husband. sorry. wrong guy.
Mmmm...I adore those Japanese steak restaurants. Cute story :)
Oh, snaps!
I LOVE your son. As a chef, I might have been peeved...but honestly, who can resist that ubber clean surface?!
that sounds about RIGHT.... hahaha
That's hilarious! Sound like something I'd do... guess I'll be a bad influence on my little one.
Well...the chef needed something else to do!
LOL! Oh, that's too funny! Sounds like something one of my sons would have done at that age!
LOL! That sounds like what my daughter does after I wipe off her high chair.
That is so...funny. My youngest son would have done the same thing and then I would have had to slide under the table. Nice to know that there are kids out there just like mine.
he did what i've ALWAYS wanted to do!! that is hilarious! oh,to be a kid with no inhibitions!!! it sucks being a grown up!
I loves me some tepanyaki, but it takes toooooo long.
5.5 hours at our last sitting, so a kid bugging the whatsits off the chef would have been entertainment!
HA!! Oh man.. I think I got a hernia laughing at this one!

Kids.. they'll get ya every time!!
So - just like home, right?
Hee hee, my kids do that whenever they see anything clean. They are not used to clean. Wait, maybe that says too ch about me...ah well.
Heaven forbid it be clean for five seconds! I am right there with ya....laughing! Boys are so funny, especially at five!
sounds like something my children would do, or wait, have done?

Hi I found your blog through Emery's blog, she is my sister-in-law. I just wanted to point out that your title is slightly incorrect in regards to "saki". The true pronunciation and romanized spelling is "sake" and it sounds like "sa-kay" not "sa-key". Incidentally in Japanese "sake" also means salmon. I just wanted to pass that info along to you.Have a wonderful day.
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