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Friday, March 7, 2008

Rotten Is As Rotten Does

My daughter was tossing a napkin back and forth between her hands, when my son looked at her and said, "You're going to drop that."

She continued her juggling act and replied, "No, I won't."

Then my son raised up his hand and swiftly knocked the napkin to the floor and said, "Told ya you'd drop it."

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I love it!!! Brothers always bring sisters down to earth :)
Good ol' sibling rivalry at its greatest.
And these are the reasons I miss my own adolescence... no one to pick on me and make my life hard now...
ooooh, he would so "get it" at our house.....
That's what I would've done.
I so look forward to those days of sibling love.
A man after my own heart!

he'll go a LONG way!
lol..someday he'll be sorry for picking on her. lol.
hahahaha...THAT is funny...and, i would have SO done that to my sister!! my kids...they would never do anything like that...they are all so considerate of each other (cough)...
Are you raising my children again?
That is exactly something my sisters would have done to me..
I think he may have learned that from you? Just a hunch.
Are you talking about my brother and I?
Ah, the joys of having a brother....
I should talk, of all people but... There's no fate but what you make. Looks like he's internalized that pretty well.
Sibling Rivalry at it's best. HA...I love that.
What a stinker. Too funny.
You know he's just following the Annoying Brother Handbook, right? All the instructions are in there. My brothers knew it from cover to cover.
Oh those kids do the darnedest things!!
That son of yours is a credit to mankind.
One day is so going to get pay back for that if she is anything like my daughter! Paybacks happen all the time in my house!
I shouldn't laugh but, mwaaaaaaah ha ha ha haaaaaaa.
lmao! Brilliant!
Don't you just love that whole brotherly sisterly love hate thing?
this is why the great educators of the world have always been men. they really have a grasp on teaching through practical modalities.

take this for an example. your daughter will always remember this because it was situational and involved her. she now knows something of the physics of napkins, as well as a bit of behavioural psychology surrounding napkin tossing.

if anything your household is a little *too* educational.
Ha! Ha! If your son had tried that with my daughter she'd have given him some of her choicest abuses... and probably a good kick, too :-)
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