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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Left Foot

Our dog had a pretty rough day at the veterinarian’s office yesterday, so last night I climbed down on the floor to pet her and make her suffer through some of my puppy talk.

When I got up, I noticed something stuck to my sock.

Thank goodness that sticky eyeball wasn’t attached to my other foot, because then I’d have to show you my sock with holes, AND I’d have to tell you that they’re the socks I “borrowed” from an Aunt. See? Those faint lines near the hole are part of her name. It was written across the sock in case she misplaced them at her retirement home.

There's no doubt about husband is a lucky man.

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At least they're matching socks!! I can't ever see to find a matching pair.
I just bought a nice big package of hanes ankle I need to send them to you? :)
So, like, where did the eyeball come from??
Socks with eyeballs...hmm. I think you could market those.
I am sitting here laughing my ass of picturing your dear old aunt wandering the halls of Green Grove barefoot muttering something about her good for nothing sock swiping niece!
socks irritate me.

why do they always get holes?

why can't someone come up with sock with (and here's a crazy idea) strong material?

Loser scientists.
Sheesh. I don't even wear socks.
This is funny. I love the marker. I don't know why, but I've got something against buying socks. Perhaps it's b/c I don't like them, and so it's not at all a fun purchase. I mention this b/c I have socks just like yours, but it's fairly easy to remedy, isn't it? I just never think of it.
I walk around with holy socks too! My husband says "We can afford $6 for a bag of socks you know."

Well, just know if I ever get your name in a gift exchange--- cozy, non holy socks are in order!

The eyeball fell off the Humpty Dumpty my son made at preschool. I think it's going to be the next big fashion trend.
I'm just laughing....the whole scenen must have been so comical! How's the dog?
You are hilarious! Is that so you can see where you're going? (Hey! someone HAD to say it!) Hope your dog is going to be okay.
I hope the Dog is alright.

LOVE the SOCKS, both of them. But, I think you MIGHT need some NEW socks!!!
See now I am jealous, because your socks are better than my socks. And I hope you were wearing trousers young lady, or that sock would be able to see right up your skirt.
I so want a pair of socks that have eyes on them! I already have the holy socks! In the night when I get up there is always something for me to step on and this right here would make sure I don't step on a match box car in the night!
So when are you going to sell these???
I am so turned on right now from those holy socks.
i am constantly borrowing my kids socks...because i can never find my turns out, the socks that i think are my kids, that i think i'm borrowing...they are actually my socks, that my kids borrowed...and somehow never made their way back to me...hmmm...thieves, the whole lot of them...
and, my socks...strongly resemble yours...are you borrowing my socks, too?
i am missing one that has a temporary heart shaped tattoo in rhinestones embedded on the bottom of you have that one?
just checking...
funny i was just coming over to see if you had any socks i can borrow. i'm just going to move on now.

i'll just spring for new ones.

it's better that way.
jo has got a point about that sneaky sleezy sock.

and don't get me started on shoes with the eyes in *them*
What's not to love? They're some very sexy socks

I don't own any socks Momo! Perhaps I should go knock off a retirement home.

Sorry about the poop eater!

I'll hate it for you.

LOL!! I would so buy a sock with an eye on it. I think you've got something there!!
oh my....I SEE!

Thank you for the laugh.
have a good Friday!
Yes--eyeball socks ARE the next fashion trend. Like shoes with mirrors!!!
I'm a little jealous, all I got on my sock is a piece of a peanut butter sandwich.
You are the thriftiest sock person I almost know.
Momo, You are so funny! I love your little blurbs about life and how you can find humor every day. Your blog is delightful.

I left the freegan post alone, but I saw that show and it has been on my mind too.
I dunno I think there is some hidden meaning in the eyeball thing..I think that wouldve freaked me out a bit..
I love you crack me up! So glad I found your blog through cre8buzz!
lol. Are you related to my husband?
You stole.


From an old woman.

At a retirement home?

God, I love you.
And see...this is why I love reading your blog! lol!! You are a HOOT!!
DUDE! We're missing googly eyes over here. How'd they get over there?
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