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Friday, March 21, 2008

I Wish My Husband Was This Agreeable

The other day, I was booking flights on-line when I looked at my five year old son and said, "Pretty soon, you'll be going on your first ride in an airplane!"

When I got off the computer, I picked up my boy and asked, "Aren't you SO excited?"

He smiled and exclaimed, "Yes!"

Then he paused and asked, "What am I so excited about?"


Speaking of being excited, this humble blog has been added to the listings on Alltop. In their own words, Alltop helps "you explore your passions by collecting stories from “all the top” sites on the web." I haven't been so excited since last night, when my son didn't tell our priest that he liked his dress.

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HAHAHA!! At least he played along, until it hit him, that he had no clue why he was excited!! Anf I LOVE that picture!! Congrats!
I am clicking for you.. but you are already a Top Momma in my book.. :)
You are TOPS any which way, Mo!
Kids are so sweet and cute. What am I excited about? Ha, ha, ha.
I was that agreeable once. But then I learned my lesson. :)

I clicked your pic--it's so sweet!
Loved the story!
congrats to you for being recognized!
Oh... I'm sure he's agreeable... it just depends on what he's agreeing to. :)

Congrats on the inclusion into Alltop!
so exciting!!!! you rock, so I am not at all surprised! Just remember me when you reach full blown celebrity status.
Sadly, I too often get excited at work and then have to admit I have no reason why. Maybe, for Lent (next year) I'll start paying more attention. Yay for your Alltop selection!!!
LOL! Your stories are so funny!
Yay for you!
aaawww you gotta love kids :D
What an adorable story!!
Congratulations on Alltop. I just heard about it the other day on Twitter and now that I know what it is, I know what an honor it is! Woo HOO!!!! for you.
That is an awesome picture!
Congrats on the kudos!!!
Good on you. I am just a new reader but I think your blog is excellent. And your son? He is gorgeous!
Can you order me one of those husbands too?

Yeah on Top Momma...I clicked for ya.
woohoo! Congrats!
Aw, what a cutie! :-)
cool for you! This really is an adorable picture!!
He's pretty much earned his GED in Husband Sciences, I'd say. "Smile & Nod First, figure it out later."
K, I think top momma is rigged! Seriously...I've registered 6 times and linked them to my blog. I've never seen them ever add me to their pic links to even get any clicks. Maybe my blog just isn't any good and they're barring me???

On a serious note, I'm heading there right now to click on your pic to help your ratings.
Ps...congrats on being recognized....thats too cool!
Being one of your biggest fans for a while now, I can only say CONGRATULATIONS!

I almost said what my kids would've said ("I called it, oh yeah, just like I said, she rocks!").

Go Momo, go Momo...

I'm off to click for you now...
That is adorable. And the picture is super classic.

Congrats on the listing!
I love him. SO much.

ohh...I am going to check out Top Momma! :)
I love the top mama thing. Maybe one day I will grab a spot!
Nice dress!

LOL. My kid noticed the upbeat music in church and yelled out "JESUS IS ALIVE!" I nearly peed my Sunday's best stockings.
i love your son. my son even says "no" to things he *likes*. i don't get it.
Hahaha! Too funny!

I'm jealous of your trip and I don't even know where you're going!

Congrats on Alltop! Woo hoo!
He's going to make an excellent husband.

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