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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Like The Way He Thinks

My nine year old daughter loves to send and receive e-mail. It doesn't even matter if that e-mail comes from someone in her own household. Someone who, instead of typing a few paragraphs, could say the same thing from across the room. I envision her as a teenager, sending text messages to friends seated right next to her.

For the fun of it, she sent my five year old son a message last night, and knowing she would be happy to get a reply, I got on the computer to help him.

I told my son, "We're going to send your sister an e-mail."

As he climbed up on a stool I asked, "What do you want it to say?"

And, there should be no doubt that he is his father's son, because he replied, "Tell her to get a job."

Though, I don't think she would earn much of a paycheck, because I can't even get her to pick up her socks.

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HAHAHAHA!! I LOVE that kid! He's going to grow up with the greatest personality. Now, is he saying it for the financial benefits, or to get rid of her?!
He is hands down the funniest little boy ever!
Get A Job.


Where does he come up with this stuff?
hahaha! He is so cute!
hilarious! Smart kid...
he is a witty one isn't he?
Smart ass! Although I have one of those too. Yesterday my middle guy was throwing the tantrum of all tantrums as his grandma was leaving and my oldest, the biggest smart ass and a complete replica of his father tell grandma, "Hey, could you shut him up on your way out?"

ahhh, the smart things children say
I'd done leaving the witty retort comments; I'm just moving in.
wow, he's good!
That's priceless... hilarious kid brother she's got there. The age difference is the same as mine... it will only get more fun.
Insane humor is genetic. This proves it.
bwahahahaha! Smart lad!
It may just be me, but I imagine him sounding a bit like James Cagney when he delivered that line.
my kids' grandpa always signs off to them with, "write when you get work!" even with the baby.
love it!
Oh, kids will pick up someone else's socks, if it's a job outside the family... My son at 15 got hired by a neighbor to do some around-the-house stuff for her, and when she exclaimed to me over how helpful he was and how good at getting stuff put away for her, I was like, wait. Are we talking about *my* kid?!
It doesn't get much cuter than that! LOL!
Unless the job was leaving socks on the floor. (My nine year old has that job, too!)
That is beyond cute! Did you just hug him in half when he said it ;)
i bet if *i* asked her to, she would. kids *always* do stuff for other people. which is both good and worrying.

i'm going to march upstairs right now, just to prove my point, and tell queen of hearts that momo fali wants her to pick up her damned socks. i will say that of course i hoped you would use less strong language, but it couldn't be helped.

then i will get whiplash from the picking-up.

but when *i* say it...well, you know.
That was hilarious! I'm always shocked when my niece says things like "It's spaghetti not spusghetti! Didn't you go to school?"
Oh. My. Gosh. How witty is he. I puffy heart it!
I'd love to spend an evening at your house!!
oh my word...he is good....really good.
Quit wit runs in his genes.
What do they say? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree (?). Witty, witty family.
Hahaha! A job. I tell my kids to get a job and buy their own toys...they just laugh at me.
They sure do start early, don't they?!
lol! I can't think of anything even half witty at this hour.
He is adorable. I bet he's already looking into a suitable health care plan for her. I so enjoy reading your anecdotes about him!
Momo, that boy is so funny. Seriously, he is unique. Love it.
That boy of yours is the funniest person on the planet! And I feel for you when she starts to text message, I don't think my daughter's fingers ever stop moving.
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