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Momo Fali's: The Blizzard Didn't Wreak Havoc, My Kids Did

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Blizzard Didn't Wreak Havoc, My Kids Did

Some of you may remember this view out my front window.

Here's what it looked like after the big snowstorm blew through on Saturday.

Which leaves me with some cleaning up to do in the back of the house...

...and in the front.

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Heh. Heh. Some photos... love the before and after shots.

At least it won't last long...
You must live around the corner from me in Ohio... cause I have the same pics on my blog today. LOL. And it is not melting. :)
It may be a small consolation, but at least most of it is in two piles, and not strung throughout the house...
My house looks like that...always. What are you trying to say? jk :)
I HATE snow.
I don't buy it...

Some of those shoes look DISTINCTLY adult ;-)
fun fun fun....the snow...not the cleaning.
um M was me...dunno why my name was cutt off
Okay, Mr. Nappy Rash up there busted me, but only ONE pair of boots and ONE pair of gloves belong to me in all that mess.
Oh, how I love my "no snow" section of earth.
Hope you're feeling better. That snow is gorgeous! Sorry your kids made a mess, but it's such a beautiful picture!
Holy crap! That's a lot of snow!

Hope you are feeling better!!!
That's a lot of shoes!!

I am glad my kid isn't the only one who drops his shoes and coat any old where when we have TWO shoe racks (one in front and one in back) and nice little kid-height coat hooks.

He actually tells me, "Mom, I'm too tired to hang up my coat. I'm going to put it right here." Right here being in the walkway from door to living room. Nice.

Hope you survive the weather and its after-effects!

I have been enjoying your blog... started reading again recently after I found you on NaBloPoMo.

Take care,
OH, that makes me crazy!! And then when I move everything, they get mad, becuase they can't find their coats and stuff. MMMMM try looking in a place other then the floor, that you might think coats and hats belong. LIKE A CLOSET!! They've learned that if the cat smells something on their stuff she doesn't like, she'll pee pn it. That should teach them!!!LOL!
Wow, that's a lot of snow! And a lot of clothes!
Leave it to the kiddos! Where is Spring anyway??
That is a lot of snow! And in March. Seems so unfair. I want spring. And no boots in the front door tripping me up, just flip flops.
The outside of our houses are different, but the insides are the same.
The snow is so pretty in a picture. Too bad it makes even more of a mess inside than out!
Your house was still neater than mine! Where are the pools and puddles of snow?
You are hilarious. Hi!
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