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Monday, March 17, 2008

The Better To See You With

These are pictures of a nearby house. I'm all for natural light, but they must go through monumental amounts of glass cleaner. Apparently, you just can't have too many windows.

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I'd hate to be in charge of washing the windows in THAT house.
Wow! That is A LOT of windows! The first thing I thought of was Windex! LOL!
I don't think that houseplan was thought through very good. We have some friends with a lakehouse (actually ON the lake - unlike our "lakehouse" where you can walk to the lake) with HUGE windows on the whole one side of their house so they can watch sunrise to sunset over the lake. Really cool, but I'd hate to be cleaning them...and even worse, I'd hate to be paying to clean them.
best way to keep an eye on the servants if you ask me...
Wow, that's crazy. What does that part of the house overlook? A lake, or something like that, I hope.

No, not a lake. Just a good old Ohio side street.
What intrigues me is that it appears there is a window or two between floors... hmmm...
Ooh, not for me. I don't like lots of windows cause then I scare myself and think people are watching me and that they're gonna kill me and you know, that's just not a good feeling....
Maybe they like to keep an eye on their neighbors.Perhaps they are the neighborhood block watch captains. I would not want to see their heating bills.
they are really rEALLY close to being the type of people who shouldn't throw stones.

maybe with this level of glass they shouldn't throw pebbles?
We have friends who live in OH, and when I looked at this picture, It reminded me of their neighborhood! Small world, if you knew them. Anywho, I would either a) hire someone to clean the windows. or b) walk around nekked so that no one would be tempted to even look in the windows, or anywhere near the house. Hence, no need to clean the windows. :)
Do you think there was a window sale they couldn't pass up??
haha. I am puzzled by the "middle window" on the first shot. Is it on the first floor, second floor or floor 1 1/2? hmmmmm
We have one whole side of our house that's basically floor-to-ceiling windows looking out on the backyard. Very pretty, very Californian, and very expensive to heat. But it IS pretty!
Wow... imagine dressing all of those windows with drapes. Mucho dollars... and cleaning them.

I see YOUR snow has melted. On the East side we are still full of snow. And it is raining today. UGH!
You know, some people don't even clean their windows. Not me of course. But some people.
geez. i hope they don't throw stones...
Maybe they don't believe in electricity and they need the natural light ;)
it's al a bit weird looking...the whole thing!
I don't even want to think about blinds or curtains. yikes
OH my! I thought I had a ton of least 2 or more in every room! So glad I don't have that many because I would never have time to blog!! LOL hate to clean that house
Wow, maybe the money they save in electricity for lights is spent on heating....
Just because you have windows does not mean you have to clean them.

Just saying.
I would def. need to hire somebody. I can barely remember to windex my living room window - the one the dog smudged with his nose.
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