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Friday, February 1, 2008

A New Kind Of Competition

My five year old son and nine year old daughter have started racing each other all the time. They race to the car, they race upstairs, they race getting dressed.

The other night they were eating dinner when my son said he wanted to race to see who could finish their food first. My smart daughter said, "No. We can't race when we're eating, because you might choke".

My equally intelligent son replied, "Okay. If you finish eating first it's not a race, but if I finish first, IT IS."

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Hee hee. That boy thinks fast. :D
OH, he is quick!!! What a smart kid, his sister better watch out!
What did you this of Lost?! LOVED IT! It was worth the wait.
Mom~ you. are. in. SOOO. much trouble with that one!
LOL. That's hysterical.
my kind of guy
my 3 year old son would LOVE your 5 year old!! He's so into racing and would LOVE that line! In fact, he's used similar lines recently, but not for eating!! ;P
A born spin doctor. I love it!!!
touche! funny stuff.
What a wise little boy! Awesome made me smile. Your son sounds so cute!

Blogghoppin' back at ya!
Oh my girls race all the time too!! This was so funny, your boy, wow, smart kid!
That story just sums up being a kid. wonderful.
Yeah. I have 2 boys 18 months apart _ EVERYTHING is a competition. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G (that took a really long time to type especially after 2/3 bottle of wine) Including who can pee first and fastest. Therefore, they pee at the same time quite often and tried to instill sword fighting while peeing for a while. Which would explain the status of my toilet and my near-insanity and WHY I called an IMMEDIATE stop to it.
Ridiculously smart kid!!
Yanno, there's logic in there somewhere. ;)
Well played, little man!! ;)
Sounds like an aspiring New England Patriot! Blog hoppin!

--Virtual Varmint
haha! that's hilarious.
Love it.. he is just too funny!! Blog Hoppin.. hope you have a great weekend!!
I wonder if it is a boy thing? My two boys are ALWAYS competing.

Blog hopping
Anastasia Beaverhousin
LOL...ahhhhh, men...or, little men, rather ;)
LOL! It was worth a shot! :-)

Happy Friday! Blog Hoppin'!
"Margarita Mom"
My boys have been doing this for over a year (they are 4 and 6)...they race to put on their coats, brush their teeth, kiss mommy goodnight. And woe to the loser!

I find myself screaming wonderful things like "OK! I've had it! From now on no one is allowed to win ANYTHING in this house!"

BlogHopping with coffee 'cause I have a party to go to tonight
Oh, such a boy!! And a competitive one at that. My 4 year old loves to race, he is getting a little to crazy with it too these days.
Ha! Truly such a boy. I've noticed the same kind of thing with my kids.
Pretty clever of your daughter, though. Good for her to speak up about that!
Baha! My brother and I used to race all the time, also. I remember once we raced to finish our glass of milk at dinner one night. He won. And he won the race to the bathroom where he threw up his efforts.
It's great that you don't have to nag them to do all that stuff...the wonders of competition.
Your little guy is a smarty pants, though. Too cute!

Bloghoppin Hi!

My girls are 2 & 3 and have already started competing. It works for me b/c they compete to see who can get my shoes for me the fastest, who can get daddy a beer first, and who will come the fastest when I call.

I'm raising one-uppers.
Haha! I never had to go thru this; having only one child.... but then again, she and hubby would act like siblings alot... he acting like a child a lot and all...
That is fabulous!! My kids do the racing thing too- it'd be fine except that whomever 'loses' cries hysterically for the next 15 minutes.
me and my brother used to do stuff like this all the time...
He is so smart! And you are in trouble as he gets older!
I like it!
That boy. He needs his own series.
Wow, he's a smart one! :)
smart and funny. and probably a fast eater too.
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