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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Darn That Backwards Logic

My son and I got into a conversation about whether or not he had ever eaten lobster. He said that he's never had it, when I know in fact, that he has. Most recently, he ate some on New Year's Eve.

During this disagreement, his speech therapist would've shuddered to hear him say, "I not had lobster on New Year's Eve."

I corrected him and said, "You shouldn't say, you not had lobster. You should DID NOT have lobster on New Year's Eve."

He replied, "See? You said I didn't have it, so I was right."

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I adore your sons wit. LOL..
Your son is awesome!
So THERE mom! :-)
That is hysterical. Love the way his mind works :-)
I think his logic is the same as my son's.
that's super funny!! it's like the whole who's on first, skit!!

That kid is one smart cookie!
tricky tricky!
Really? You live here? I didn't know that. We try and get out downtown as much as possible. I love exploring what it has to offer.
There's nothing sweeter than proving Mom wrong!
Good one! Living proof that our children really DO sap all our brain cells during pregnancy!
you see this is exactly why i don't let my children talk.
you really cant argue with that logic.
Clever little one!
lol, the perfect argument :)
Wow. He sure tricked you, lol!
Don't even try, mom. Walk away from the child with your sanity intact and your brains safely contained within your skull cavity.
Yeah, you can't argue with that...he is right. The kid's gonna be a lawyer, isn't he?
LOL he is smart.....TOO smart!
He's quick alright... :) got ya there.
reminds me of the old looney toons trick of
did not,
did so,
did not,
did so,
did not,
did so,
did not! AH HA!
How can you argue with logic like that? ;-)
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