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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

These Are The Places In My Neighborhood

Some of you may have noticed a little badge on my sidebar which references Bossy's Excellent Road Trip. For those of you who have been living under a rock don't know Bossy, let me just say she's my blog idol. It would be the equivalent of Hanna Montana coming for a sleepover with my nine year old daughter, or Tony Romo having a beer with my husband, or Lightening McQueen taking my five year old son for a ride. I couldn't be more excited! Bossy is maybe coming! She's going to sleep on my couch and I'm going to spoon her!

So, I got to wondering just what will I show her in my cow town city? Where will we go, what will we do?
First I will tell her that we are very classy and discerning people here...

After that, we'll do a shot sip some cognac...

She better bring her sunglasses. Because it's always dreary and gray sunny and bright.

But, then what? There are so many things to see! Where to start?!
Well, that's a tuffy.


Most likely, I'll just show her where I live...


No, I'm at Target a lot, but this is my stinking rich neighbor's house.


Though, if Bossy doesn't come soon, we may be living here...


...which someone recently redecorated with this lovely dent.

Oh, I just can't wait! We'll laugh, and talk, and not talk, and eat soup and snow peas. And, when she leaves I think Bossy will say, "I wouldn't want to live there, but it's a lovely place to visit".

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that is awesome! i all of a sudden think me not worthy of commenting!

my daughter just looked over my shoulder and saw the 'wash me'. she said "oh mommy i've seen that car!" i didn't know my daughter was so well travelled.
Oh Momo, you are MY blogger idol (well, sorta, you're second to Bossy of course.) So, if Bossy can't make it, Southwest can get me to Columbus! Would you be able to pick me up in the "wash-me-mobile"?!?! Hugs-EE
Great post!
I look forward to all the fabulous posts and pictures from the Bossy Road Trip!
I wouldn't be able to handle the pressure of having a god stay on my couch.
thought I know not, this bossy you speak of- i eagerly look forward to this amazingly rewarding experience of your life!
Clever girl, you are. And Bossy is very lucky to have you as her guide!

I *heart* Bossy. (I found YOU through a comment you left on her blog)

I cant wait to read about your adventures together!

I wouldn't mind living in target, you could have new linen and stuff every day.
How does hero stratification work? You are my hero, so what does that make bossy? I felt weird reading this. Is she my hero-in-law? When can I see pictures of the two of you spooning? What caused that dent...etc. You guys do live in quite an exciting area--free battery check? WOW!
It is terrible for me to say that I am not sure who Bossy is (but will find out now) but your trip around your town was classic. The icing for me was that you put a picture of Target up.. my credit card automatically flew out of my pocket book.
Floored. Speechless. Hilarious. (since when does Bossy speak in one-word sentences?)
O boy, this is gonna be F-U-N fun!
It sounds like a good tie is planned. Will there be pictures of the spooning on the sofa? ;)
How exciting! A person should be honored to be ablt to visit the "cultural hub of the Midwest"!!
And Cow towns are nice towns! I grew up in one. I now live in a Cranberry bog town and just so ya know, it smells better then a cowtown. I can't wait to hear about the visit!
Cracking up on the 'spoon' part. Oh so funny. great post and so glad you get to meet your blog idol!!!
Great post!
Had to visit from Bossy's site b/c I've laughed at your comments there. I had no idea, as a Midwesterner, that I was missing out on its cultural hub. Thanks for the tip! Glad to have found your site.
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