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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Let's Call The Whole Thing Off

I was just finishing up the laundry when my husband asked, "Did you wash my collars?"

"Collars? Was I supposed to do something special with your collars?"

"I needed my collars washed?"

"Well, I did the laundry."

"But, did you wash my collars?"

"As in they had rings around them?"

"No! As in COLORS!"

When you marry a southern gentleman, sometimes you need a translator.

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OMG... that is hilarious... my husband claims I put twice as many syllables in any word regardless of what is correct. I feel his pain. =)
That is so funny. In our house, it is the other way around :)
Too funny! I was totally wondering how you'd even wash collars.
LMAO. I thought maybe he was a preacher and needed those collars bleached.
It's all cool, as long as he doesn't have "THE RING" around his COLORS! WOOOOOOOOO!!!! Spooooky!

Even laundry can be scary.
That's hilarious! I was reading a book about a race car driver who was wanting to help his car owner out. The owner says, "Well, you can bounce them tires". So the driver (true story) bounces each tire up and down a few times (thinking he's helping them seal up correctly), and some of them roll down the hill or out into the parking lot and hit people's cars. The owner comes back, mad as a hornet, and says, "Boy, what're you doin'?" Driver says, "You told me to bounce these tires, so that's what I'm doing!" The car owner points to the tire balance machine in the corner and says, "I told you to BALANCE those tires, not bounce them!"
Rockstar Momo, I'm so glad my southern husband doesn't have a drawl. Well, he doesn't have a southern drawl unless he's with other southerners that are drawlin' big.
Now see, what needs to be understood is we southerners don't talk funny. It's y'all that talk funny :-)

This was hysterical! Collars vs Colors :-)
So funny..
Hee hee. So what colours did he want washing? I always think brown looks a bit grubby, and grey.
I'm a southern gal. I can translate for you if you need me to! :)
LOL! It's the same with my 4 year old! Somehow he aquired a "boston" accent and some of his words are impossible to understand! And we've never been any further east than Montana!
ha ha ha ha ha ha
freaking hysterical

god bless the south
Too funny!

And, in response to your comment on Soldier Sunday, you're very welcome. I'm glad you found meaning in it too.
Oh my gosh, that's hilarious! Collars!
momo - found a blog posting listed in our daily paper that made me think of you...
If you ever need help just let me know! My dad is southern and I have come to totally understand everything! I remember when I was a teen and bringing boys home to meet him and the boys were new yorkers!
Something special?? Of course... you were supposed to hand-wash and starch them... :-)
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