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Friday, January 18, 2008

I Had My Son When I Was Just Eleven Years Old

At the bank last week, the teller handed my son a sucker and then asked him, "How old are you?"

He replied, "I'm five. And, my Mom is 16!"

But, why I felt the need for nervous laughter and to say, "No I'm not", I'll never know. I'm pretty sure the wrinkles speak for themselves.

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I have to say, your son is TO CUTE!! I love the stuff he comes up with! And of course you felt it necessary to deny it. I always feel the need to say something, anything, at the moment they choose to say something embarassing!
Our Little has started pointing to people and asking, "is that a boy or a girl?"

It's especially embarrasing when you're in the men's room at a restaurant taking her potty, and while you're washing your hands she asks me about a guy standing at the urinal.

Me: "Uh, sorry about that."
I was born when my dad was 16. My mom was 22. It says so on my birth certificate.

The reason? My dad adopted us as kids (my mom is my biological mom).

But, my birth certificate does cause my mom some embarrassment.
(Clapping from Galveston) Teaching him how to lie about mommy's age is brilliant! And, at such an early age. I will get starting with this training immediately. (Erin notes to herself that she must include other small fibs to list like weight, pants size, true hair color.)
Your son is awesome.

I wish my son thought I was 16! (instead, he thinks I am OLD with a 'horse shaped' ass...dont ask!)
I would have taken him directly to Toy R Us for saying such an awesome comment.. who cares if you gave birth at 11. YOU LOOK 16!!
At this point you should have handed him another sucker or a dollar and told him good job. Then looked the teller straight in the eye and said; "I'm teaching him the subtle art of flattering females at an early age, isn't he a quick learner?"
He's just too cute!
"And, my Mom is 16!"

I would never have corrected him.
I noticed wrinkles for the first time starting last year. Mind if I borrow your kid for a day?
This is adorable. I'm jealous. my daughter keeps calling me 'elderly'

the other day she saw a marquis as we were barreling down the road and piped up with, "mommy you should go to mcdonalds more often! seniors get coffee for just $1"

and I don't even drink coffee
This kid is gonna go places! lol
Priceless! I just turned 31 two days ago, and let me tell you, once my kids are older and understand more - mommy will be forever having her 25th birthday every year as far as they are concerned :)
love it
Finn thinks I am 25. I love him.
Yr son sounds brill!
no no no you don't correct them. the only people who won't think it's cute are those you don't care what they think anyway. and they should be identified and relieved of their consciousness.
Awwww... well that's better than him thinking you are 65! (which he will, once he hits his teens....)
lmao your son's hysterical!!

I can't wait to have silly things like this to blog about :D
yeah, but how cute is it that this is his impression of you. You may have wrinkles, but you're a young hip momma to him! :D

Happy Blog hOpping.
that's hilarious! But super sweet... of all the things kids sometimes say!
I was '14 years old' when Sarah was in preschool last year. :D
God love him! My 4 year old asked me if I'm going to die soon because I look "old all over!" :(
Oh, that's funny! Thanks for the laugh.

- Receder Guy here from Blog Hoppers!
I think he needs another sucker for that one...

AMAM "A Man Among Mommies" Blog Hopper
That's too cute. I'd raise his allowance for that one. :)
Ha, i love this. My little brother is 10 and I am about to turn 25, he asked me, "Tiffany, how can you and mom be the same age?" Evidently my mom has been playing some tricks, lol...
Hee hee. That's far too cute. I'd keep that one.
Aw! My son told his teacher I was 60. Count your blessings.
Hmm... so in 20 years you'll be 36.... Wonder whether you'll deny it then?! ;-) I certainly won't, should my daughter say the same about me!
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