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Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Time To Buy The Girl A Dictionary

I just told my daughter that I needed a cheery and light-hearted idea for a blog post. I mentioned that things get chaotic this time of year, and people may need something to make them stop and smile.

She said, “Well, why don’t you talk about how stressed you are at work? Or, how you were so busy yesterday, that you ate chocolate-covered popcorn for lunch?” (Okay, in my defense it was the only food we had at the office. Well...that and Triscuits, which should really only be fed to a cow, because technically they're nothing more than weaved hay.)

I told her that talking about my stress and poor eating habits wouldn't qualify as light-hearted.

She then suggested, “How about telling everyone about how I’m reading the Diary of Anne Frank?”

I’m thinking she doesn't quite get what I'm going for.

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To some people that IS lighthearted...tee hee...

tee hee....that is funny. It gave me a big your goal was met!

Happy Holidays!
OH man, not supposed to be funny but I'm laughing out loud here. :)
LOL @ weaved hay!

I hear ya, lighthearted is hard to come by. Imagine doing a whole month of gratitude!! Sheesh.
Now that in itself was hilarious, so it worked!

I USED to like Triscuits. Now I won't be able to eat them without feeling the need to regurgitate them later to chew some more.
awww.... shes too cute.
Hee hee. And the triscuits sound weird.
triscuits are so f-ing dry.
I have to get a drink just reading about them.
I may have to get some chocolate popcorn to go with my drink!
thanks for the lunch idea!
OK, what I wanna know is where one gets chocolate covered popcorn. This delicacy sounds foreign to me. The Triscuits? Those are only good for loosening dental work. But the popcorn? I gotta get me some of that.

New to your blog. Loving it!
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