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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

And Make It A Double

I took my kids to a children's Christmas party on Sunday afternoon. All the kids were called to sit on Santa's lap, sing Jingle Bells, and eat candy canes.

But, the stress must really be getting to Mrs. Claus. Because after bending down and talking to all the boys and girls, she stood up, turned around, and asked, "Can someone please get me a Bloody Mary?"


Just imagine what Santa must have asked for. Everclear anyone?
you are making that up -- are you making that up? that's hysterical!!

(really who could blame her?)
Totally and completely true. She got that Bloody Mary too.
ha ha ha...I would have drank the Bloody Mary before getting into costume.
nothing like a woman who can't handle emotion, coupled with a stiff drink...
That is hilarious. Mrs. Claus has a rough life...
I knew there was a reason why the Clauses are always rosy cheeked and smiling.
That's what she chases the uppers with.
That's my kind of Mrs. Santa!! LOL!
At least if she spilled any, it would match her costume :-)
Did she say that with a cigarette hanging off her lip? What kind of party was this, anyway...?

(too funny!)
I like yr new banner- :)
Hahahahahahahaha. Hohohohoho.
Mrs Claus must really be losing it. Everyone knows it's Marti time and not Bloody Mary time...
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