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Momo Fali's: Why I Won't Win Mother Of The Year

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Why I Won't Win Mother Of The Year

My Mother-in-Law was here for a visit yesterday.

She was working on a crossword puzzle in the other room, when my daughter ran into the kitchen and asked me, "Mom, do you know an eight-letter word for 'Driving up the wall'? I told Grandma you would know, because you always say we're driving you up the wall."

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Ha Ha! The answer is CHILDREN or it could be GRANDMAS, maybe MOMINLAW, or this week BUCKEYES...pick your posion. :)

I didn't see the Buckeye's game, but saw the highlights afterwards. What's up with all of the interceptions? Next week is Michigan right? My favorite game of the year... :D

Children...maybe. But, not mominlaw or grandmas! My Mom-in-Law drove two hours to babysit my kids so I could go watch the Buckeyes lose (aka: The Suckeyes), then she drove two hours home last night. I got lucky when Mothers-in-Law were handed out!

Too funny! If we were only all as perceptive and honest as kids were... actually, no, I take that back. Let's leave that to the kids. Cuteness can be forgiven.
Haha. When I ask my husband to look after the baby so I can take care of some task then he's right at my feet. I always say get out of mommy's hair! Maybe I should stop that as it might come back to bite me someday!

Also TAG your IT. Meme for Meme. Check out my blog for instructions.
love that! I am just starting to watch what i say around my son as he is starting to repeat....agh!!!

Was it irritate?
HAHAHHAHAHA Enraging!!!!
lol, gotta love kids :)
This serves as a good reminder for me to stop talking smack about other people in front of my kids. You never know when it will come back to haunt.
LOL!!!! hilarious...
All mom's should be an expert on this subject.

So what is an 8 letter word for "Driving up the wall"?

could it be "annoying"???? tee post!
LOL that was cute!
ha! great!
my mil comes friday for 12 days.
I just got anxious again.
hee hee... your kids are silly. Silly and awesome.
My mom is in town right now, and I'm glad my kid can't talk and repeat the things we've said.
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