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Thursday, November 8, 2007

At Least He's A Logical Thinker

As my son was scraping a dismantled high-chair across the floor, I said, "Stop that! Dad told you not to do that. It's scratching the floor".

He stopped and looked at me for a second, then moved it forward a little.

I raised my voice and said, "Hey! Stop doing that! Didn't you hear me? Dad told you this morning not to do that anymore!"

He stopped again and said, "I CAN do it."

I said, ", you can't. You're not allowed. Dad said so."

Then, with an irritated look and annoyance in his voice, he turned to me and said, "But Mom... Dad's at work".

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He's my kinda kid. :) I've given up trying to stay a step ahead of my boys. Too much brain stress.
Oh man that just scared the crap out of me! I hope Joshua misses that rung on the Logic Ladder!
Yep, you're in trouble alright. My daughter moves through that stage on a pretty regular basis. Each time it warrants the ol', "Where did you come up with that?!" look. What's frightening is the context she says this stuff in is usually correct.
LOL!!! That's got to be the best and most honest response I've heard...
hahaha, He's got a point :p
When a high chair falls (and gets dragged) in the kitchen, and no dad is around to hear it. Does it make a scratch?

Your kid is deeply philosophical too, apparently :)
lol too funny.
lmao! He's got the right idea!!
HA Ha That's so funny! My kids say exactly the same thing!
Yeah, he totally called you on that one!
Oh, yes, I have one of those. Funny and cute when they are little not so much when they are older... :)

At least you know he's always thinking. Gotta love that!
You have to be SPECIFIC. Or you will be CORRECTED.

Too cute!
Oh, he got you with that one!
Uh oh! Momo, you are in for it now sister! He's gonna pull the double wammy on his Dad too, you know he will!

Nip it! ;)
Hard to argue with that logic.
LOL what a stinker. tee hee
Just stopped over from DadThing; I've been visiting all my cre8buzz friends and contacts today. That sounds exactly like something my oldest daughter would do! :)
Duh, Momo! Ask a stupid question... ;o)

Your boy is scary smart!
Oh Boy! Look out and stay on your toes cause you are in trouble!
He got you on that one for sure!!! LOL
he gets the funny from you.
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