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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Figment Of Our Imagination

I have mentioned before that our dog is getting old. But, it's becoming all too clear that she's completely neurotic as well. Once upon a time, the only things that gave her dread were normal dog-phobias. Things like the vacuum cleaner and garbage trucks. But, her bravery is diminishing with each passing day.

Lately we've noticed that she is losing her spunk, because her newest fear is going for a walk. The thing we used to have to spell out...W-A-L-K, because she would attack you with kisses if you said the real thing. For awhile, we even had to spell it backward. But not anymore. Her mania has taken over. It's not just trash trucks or city buses anymore. If she sees anything bigger than a sedan, her tail goes down and her ears flop over. She begins to shake, and darts around on the end of her leash looking for escape the four-wheeled monster.

So, now we have a battle before we can even get her outside in the morning. She knows when my husband grabs her collar off the door that it's time to go spineless and find a good place to hide.

The other day he found her holed-up under our son's bed. When he got down on the floor and said her name, she turned her head and faced the other way as if to say, "You can not see me! I am invisible! Go away with your leash and find someone else to torture." My dog...the only one on the block who wishes she she could really be a ghost for Halloween.


Bossy's Dane isn't just Great, she pretends "she's not home" until the sun is full up.
OH MAN...Your dog sounds like me. I want to hide when it is early....and time for exercise. ugh
Poor thing! Maybe she could be litter box trained? (Just kidding)
Ahh... poor doggy!
Sounds like a goofy dog but one you will all remember long after she is gone. Pets rule!
I think the turn away is the cutest thing a dog can do. My dog does it when he chews something he's not supposed to and I catch him. How can I stay mad? I feel bad for your pooch! She must really dread walking if she does that. Maybe just run her around the driveway or yard or something instead?
perhaps she simply watched the news once and heard about a local mugging???

in all seriousness though, it is sad when Dog's age. I know it's inevitable, but sad...
Man that sucks. My little pup is 13 and she is showing her age. Barking and growling at the wall, puking everywhere, it sucks. Although the reason she pukes is because my daughter feeds her cheddar bunnies by the handful...and I'm sure the boogers don't help. Best of luck with your dog, and Happy Halloween!
Awe I hope she recovers. We have two huskies and they are part of our family. It's hurts everyone when they suffer.
Poor scared doggy! Ours is a little thing that thinks she is huge. I have to hunt her down though to go out in the morning if it's cold out.
Poor dog! How sad (and annoying).
Arghhhh, poor babe. That image of her hiding her face 'na na you can't see me' is gorgeous. Miss M does that too. Hilarious.
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