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Thursday, February 10, 2011

This One Time at Boot Camp

Last night I attended my fourth of thirty-six boot camp classes for which I recently signed up.  Just thirty-two to go!

Every other session is devoted to strength training.  I almost threw up during my first one.  Last night was my second.

After I struggled with my barbell, wobbling it side to side during pulsing bench-presses (high five to my spotter), I told the instructor, "Hey, I didn't have this much weight last time."

Which is when I really realized that this wasn't my mom's Jazzercise class, when she replied without sympathy and said, "So?"

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I warned you not to say stuff like that!!!
Trainers and instructors live for moments like those.

You'll learn, grasshoppa. :)

Embrace the pain. <----bedazzled
I KNOW! I thought of you as soon as I put my foot in my mouth.
I don't think foot-in-mouth is proper form for the bench press...that's more of a hip flexor stretch.
Momo! I just joined a gym on Sunday. One of my trainers listened to me complain about my being tired and sore. He looked at me behind those soulless eyes and just nodded his head as if to say "Well, yes, this ain't no spa you dumbass."

I'm rooting for you! (I'm also afraid of the elliptical. Are you using one of them yet? I'm so pathetic on it, I won't admit how little time I used it today.)

Go, Momo!
Oh, p.s. That was me in the last comment, logged in to other account.
Yeah, that sounds about right! :)
You really did walk right into that one. Hope you survive Boot Camp.
No pain no gain. Or something.
hahahhahahhahhhahah you are a goober! i am proud of you though!! :)
Just tell her the stretch do make her butt look big!

Sadly many people get injured in the gym from doing too much too soon. I sometimes wonder about these boot camp programs and what kind of injuries or damage occur when they don't really listen or give a damn about the person who is just starting out.
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