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Monday, June 14, 2010

Don't Forget the Beer

Two years ago a friend of ours with a self-employed husband, two kids and an ailing father who had recently moved into her home, made me feel like lazy-schmuck-mom when she decided to go back to nursing school.

About a month ago she graduated...with honors...and yesterday she found out she passed her boards. After two years of hearing, "I can't. I have to study" it was time to celebrate.

At the last minute I decided to throw together some dinner. A Mexican fiesta, if you will. Mostly because no Mexican fiesta is complete without margaritas.

The kids and I headed to the grocery store and my son got the coveted job of being the "list checker-offer". His tiny, eight-year-old self, which still fits easily into the seat of a shopping cart, called off the items. As I added them to the cart, he would mark them off the list.

Now, you can not deny that you look in other carts to see what people are buying. I do it. I know you do it too. Standing amid the produce section with a cart full of colorful peppers, lettuce, onions and tomatoes, I knew I was disliked by more than one parent with a non-veggie eater. I could hear them thinking, "How does she do it?" I may have puffed up my chest. Just sayin'.

But, as he usually does, my son brought my delusions of parenting grandeur to a crashing halt when he loudly stated, "Okay, the next thing we need is Triple Sec."

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He was doing an excellent job as the 'list-checker-offer.' Triple Sec is made with orange flavoring, you could rationalize it is a fruit.
Thanks for starting my day with a laugh!

Also, may I borrow him for my Costco trips? I never stick with the list-- Something tells me he'd put a stop to that pretty quickly ;)

Congrats to your friend!
That kid is great! He can help me shop any day.
Congrats to your friend on graduating! At least your son was true to the list.
It could have been worse. He could have said, "We need Triple Sec, Cuervo AND Captain Morgan's! And don't forget the limes, sweet cheeks."
I always like to get all superior when I look in other people's carts, too. No soda, lots of fruits and veggies, whole grain crackers...but then the three pound bag of M&M's not hidden well enough gives me away EVERY time. :)
At least he didn't shout something like, "Mom, you need to get super-absorbent tampons" within earshot of a cute butcher or something...
he's the best and funniest list-reader-checker-off-er that ever lived!
Like I've said before, when you go to Wal-Mart, fill your cart with condoms and motor oil. People leave you alone!

Cute story...and it worries me not a little that the child knows what Triple Sec is!! YIKES!

ZOMG that is going to be my new "get through the day" item. Randomly I will just announce, "OK, the next thing we need is Triple Sec."

What can possibly go wrong?
Gotta love that kid!

Yes I look too! Mostly at the young mommies carts. LOL

I have a whole theory - wil have to post one day about it - Will give you props
My girls want to call all of their drinks "my beer."

We start our youngins out early down here in the south.
Nice to know your boy won't accept margarita mixers. He can help me with grocery shopping any day. By the way, what beer WOULD he recommend?
Well, he knows what his mom needs at the end of the day.
And I bet he said it perfectly and loudly too, like the pro he is!

Now, I don't drink, but why do margaritas sound so yummy right now...?
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