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Monday, January 4, 2010

Is There Butter on Those Whiteheads?

My mom is known for being ever-so-slightly off on her pronunciation of certain words. Home Depot isn't pronounced, "Home DEEP-oh" but, "Home DEP-oh". "Nickolodeon" is "Nickolode-UM". And once, when someone was talking about the song "Back in Black", Mom started singing, "I want my baby back, baby back, baby back...". You know, the Chili's song.

It turns out that my seven year old son takes after his grandmother. Most noticeably, when he calls his AquaDoodle a "croc-a-doodle" or when he says, "I love you as big as the whole, wide wheeled".

But yesterday, he was more than just a little off. As my husband was eating popcorn my son looked into the bottom of the bowl and saw the leftover kernels, then he looked at his dad and asked, "Are you going to eat those pimples?"

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Bossy may never eat popcorn again. Oh heck, yes she will.
I hope your hubby doesn't eat those pimples. He'll get a stomach ache.
I knew there was a reason as to why I do not eat the kernels.
Hmm... yep, won't be eating popcorn for a while without thinking of your little man.
I am so bad about using the wrong word in a sentence. Or sort of mangling two words, because my brain misfires and I just can't come up with the right word, so I'll insert something that start with the same letter. My husband has gotten so used to it, he can usually fill in the blanks for me.
Yuck!! :)
2 things:

Less time with grandma.

Have you had his ears checked.

I have a brother in law like that - Toyota = TY oda.
Pimples? Can't figure that one out. Must be his own word! LOL Cute!

PS LOL - the verification word for my comment is " whfuggen"
That right there is funny with a capital "ick". LOL
Ya gotta love what kids's a shame our perspective changes as we grow son called EVERY restaurant "the dinner store".

After all, we were going out to dinner.

We have similar issues in our house - in fact, later we're going to watch "Peer-ats of the Cup of Bean".
Pimples. Love it. You need to follow that boy around with a tape recorder.
Well, they DO both pop if you do it right. Smart boy.
You know, I wish I was your neighbor. Your family is so funny...
You had me at wheeled.
These things crack me up. My children have been playing "robert" lately. They take turns with who has to be the robert and who has to be the policeman. I cannot convince them that the word is robber. Most days, I don't even want to try. Thanks for the giggle.
omg, my son says it "wheeled" too!

but he calls the leftover kernels "unpopped ladies" (his mangling of "old maids").
Mmm, pimples are my favorite!
My son says "voov room" for living room... I don't know what is up with that.

I loved Colleen's Peerats of the Cup of Bean!! excellent!
TOO cute! This, is why we blog.. to remember these things and to remind others to treasure them, too.
Love, Love, Love ;-)
Lol, just the thought is hysterical. Seriously Momo, you have a gold mine in a coffee table book publications ;)
Im going to pretend I didn't read the part about the popcorn - and just focus on the whole wide wheeled statement!
You mean it's not Home Despot?
Yep- after thinking about it for a bit- I see what he means. Ugh!
I found you from blogher, i was looking at links to kids with disabilities, I had to come say hello because I saw the "brutally honest" comment and realized our boys were alike in that way, also the pimples holy oh my gosh that is hilarious, Isaiah says things like that that truly confuse me "like wait whuh?" thanks for sharing!
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