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Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting Burned

This picture is a close-up of my right forearm. Please ignore the lack of muscle tone and the Lebanese arm hair.

Every weekday, I prepare meals for roughly 200 kids. Sometimes we go all old school cafeteria and heat up prepackaged, frozen food, but there are many days when the entire menu is fresh and made from scratch.

This picture shows my latest burns. I also have a scar on my wrist, a scar near my elbow and a scar on my left forearm. I decided to add some marks to the right side so that my forearms would match.

Earlier this week, in addition to my new burns, I was dicing tomatoes when I cut through my glove and into the tip of my thumb. I also sliced my palm with the wire tie that was holding closed the frozen corn.

And then, when we were eating dinner the other night, my 11 year old daughter finished chewing a bite and said, "Mom, this is really good! You should be a cook!"

All that suffering and I can't even get any props.

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I think it's a badge of honor to get battle scars in the kitchen.

At our house we have a saying: "Dinner isn't done until daddy gets burned."

Carry on.
So that's what the surprise was in Lilli's lunch! Ha Ha just kidding. Hang in there kiddo, the head chef and bottle washer takes ten times more lumps than props any day!


Annie read your post,she mentioned it probably happend on thursday and she was glad she gave her taco away.
In public schools here, old school is cooking from scratch. The current way is to re-heat from packages, sometimes even leaving it in the package, then serve it up!

Tis gross.
Ouch! That looks PAINFUL!!!
The kitchen can be a dangerous place. FYI, knives are sharp and stoves hot. I hope these tidbits protect you like a shield in the future.
When I burned the shit out of my arm my annoying chef friend said, "Eh, that's not even a real burn." So apparently you chef-y people are all about the burn competition.
You give a whole new meaning to "this job is killing me!"
Impressive pain for the cause, if unappreciated. I sympathise as I can't even put wood on my log burner without burning myself.
My wife is a Cafeteria Manager feeding 1500 kids a day (elementary). I've gotten used to the little red marks, and I think the hairnet is soooooooo sexy!!

I worked in kitchens and in catering for years. Burns are badge of honor in the kitchen!
Picturing your dog bringing you a little keg of BurnJel--if it's a Saint Burn-Ard?
Who knew lunch ladies should earn combat pay?!
That looks very ouchy. I can't see the arm hair!
better the tip of a human thumb than a dead rat, huh?!

Honey works wonders on burns, Momo. Slather it on and wrap some clean gauze over it so you don't stickify your clothes or the sheets at night.
Youch! I have similar scars on my wrists and hands from my job, but they were from a curling iron or flat iron!
Do you still have all your fingers?

Yeah, I would stay away from hot and sharp things if I were you Momo...
Ouch! I feel your pain though- I burned my arm in the fall and last winter cut and then stabbed my thumb (accidentally!). Sometimes...such a klutz!
Chebbar keeps threatening to ground me from the oven because I burn myself all the damned time, but then it's time to make dinner and... ;)

Emu oil is great for burns: helps with the pain and the healing.
Oh ouch!!!
This going to sound gross but when you get your next burn, put mustard on it ASAP. It does something that really helps. I hate mustard with a passion and have done it--works.

Cuts--no help. Just always be sure your knife is super super sharp so you never 'fight' with it.
You get them from me! That would have to be a tough job...and you even have the scars to prove it.
It's dangerous working in the cafeteria. My mother has knocked out her own front tooth before while trying to open a big drum of pickles, and has had little shards of steel wool get embedded in her eye, as well as all the burns. She dislocated a finger once as well. You be careful, Momo!
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