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Thursday, January 14, 2010

At Least My Back is Safe

I was washing dishes when I looked over my shoulder to see my son tiptoeing across the kitchen floor, being careful to step into the middle of each tile while completely avoiding the grout.

I asked, "What are you doing, buddy?"

He replied, "I'm being careful not to step on any cracks, because I don't want to beat my mommy's butt."

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Hmmmph. Kid's nowadays and their new-fangled remakes of old standards...
He's such a sweetie.
...and another adage is changed forever...

HA! He's too cute.

(You coming to Blissdom??)
HAHA! that is sooo funny, good thing you write these things on a blog huh? thats great, just friggin great!
At least he was looking out for your best interest. :)
HA! Hilarious!! Kids crack me up. :)
How sweet of him!
LOL! He could have been stepping on all the cracks...
Only your boy can mess something up completely and make it better than the original.
Is nothing sacred. Not even our childhood games. He is a funny little guy.
Well that's a new and updated version of the one I used to know.
Even better, the lyrics to Devo's "Whip It!" still make sense! :)
He's a very thoughtful son.
Ha; that's a new one! Love it.
Funny. My kids heard that rhyme and danced on every crack they saw.
Your back may be safe, but sounds like you are cruisin' for a bruisin'! Hope your butt remains unbeaten.

You have such a gift for telling a story well, with clever humor and wit.

Thanks for sharing your journey.
I've said it before but I'll say it again: Your kids and my kids together would slay us dead.

That is adorable. I so remember doing that as a kid.
What a good kid. :)
tee hee.....
Thoughtful, kind, aware of his surroundings. What more could a proud mom ask for. *runs off unable to hold in the guffaw any longer*
Now that did NOT end the way I thought it would! Too funny:)
That is very sweet of him. My kids are totally self-centered and walk anywhere they please. But believe you me, I will be having a long talk about their tile navigation.
You son is priceless and so very precious.
That's one of those things where, for a moment, you're tempted to trace the phrase back to its origin. Then you think better, and just let it go.
Well ya don't , do ya???
I love this child!
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