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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hoagies and Grinders

A long, long time ago I had a career. I left that life when my daughter was born and since that time I have tried my best to bring money in. I have run my own business, sold merchandise on e-bay, worked on a contract basis for a local company and was employed by my husband. Now I have this blog, which really helps pay the bills. The gumball bills.

Almost a year ago, I wrote a post about my new job as a second-grade teacher's aide. I worked the 2008/2009 school year in a classroom where I checked papers, listened to reading homework and helped 30 kids make abacuses out of pipe cleaners and Froot Loops. Where is Toucan Sam when you really need him?

That job served a great purpose. My son, with all his issues, had me right there in the building with him. If the teacher needed me, if my son needed me, if he was following the principal around like a mime...I could easily help.

My boy made it through half-day kindergarten like a champ and I'm certain he is ready for first grade, but there is still this one problem. He sometimes chokes when he eats.

And that is why I am starting another new job today. In the cafeteria.

That's right. I own it. But, check out these benefits! I get more hours, I might learn something about cooking, I get to talk to adults, I still have the same days off as my children which means I never have to worry about child-care, I get to wear jeans, I will don a baseball cap instead of a hairnet...and I might just get to save my kid's life.

You can't really ask for a better job than that.

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Very cool, and I now have that Adam Sandler song stuck in my head.
Sounds good, but don't delude yourself... think about it how much about cooking are you really gonna learn in a school cafeteria?
Enjoy! My mother-in-law manages the elementary school cafeterias for her school district. Now my soft spot for cafeteria folks is ... softer? larger? Gotta work on phrasing that.
Very cool indeed.

Sloppy joes, slop, sloppy joes. Sorry, PJ's comment above is also what popped in my head.
You're amazing -- finding ways to bring in a few dollars *and* being there for your son at the same time. You're so resourceful
Congrats on a great job in more ways than one!
-->Don't forget to start a weekly lottery pool with your coworkers and you could be the big winners!
That's great!
I still remember the yeast rolls my school cafeteria made. So delicious, not kidding!

BTW, the word verif is: ressese

Which is how I spelled recess when I was in school, of course!
Your new job should be fodder for some good blog posts, both with cooking bloopers and kids antics. :)
Ok, I love you for your optimism: you will learn some mad cooking skillz in the cafeteria, no doubt, but unless things have changed substantially since I was a child (which they certainly may have), I can't imagine you're going to learn a lot you really want to apply at home. (Not to cast aspersions, just to recall my own less-than-stellar lunchroom at school.)

But, on the subject of Racer and Jennifer? I canNOT stop laughing. Totally hilarious.
Oh, think of the stories you're going to gather...
I hope you like it! My SIL did it the entire time my niece was is elementary school and loved it! She was off for every school holiday and the summers! Sounds like a great gig!!
Hoagies and grinders, hoagies and grinders, hoagies and grinders, navy beans navy beans, navy beans...

You're a much prettier lunch lady than Chris Farley! :)
You are going to rock that cafeteria like no other. Momo the lunch lady is going to gets hours of fodder out of the deal too.
not so sure about the learning something about cooking bit- unless your kid's school cafeteria is really amazing and such...
but, iregardless- that's awesome! Congrats!
I'm going to be singing Adam Sandler all day now in your honor.
Wow, what fun that will be. Have you planned out your parkour moves in case your son needs you to vault over the pass and sprint to where he's sitting? Might be worth a little practice.
Sounds great. Your son is so lucky to have you for a mom!
Your title cracked me up. Hope you enjoy lunch lady land.
Lunch Lady! YAY!

I still remember the deliciousness that was pizza day.

I've often considered taking a job in the school system when the youngest starts. Best of luck!
You'll be the sexiest lunch lady EVAH!
So you're going to learn to cook (and by cook, I mean re-heat) bad pizza, bad spaghetti, and bad fish sticks?

How fun! Do you get to wear one of those hair nets and floppy plastic baggie gloves?
sounds like a perfect fit for you and your family right now. rock on with your lunch lady self. :)
Flashbacks to slimy tossed salad! In my teens I worked in a nursing home kitchen. Cooking in huge quantities is a thing to behold. Do you get a sassy hairnet and everything? ;-)
You are the coolest mom ever for doing that. And if anyone gives you a hard time for being the cafeteria lady tell them to Kiss your grits!

What? Am I the only one who watched Alice?
Sounds like a win/win situation! You really are the coolest mom.
Lunch ladies are HOT!
you are such a good mom! And I totally think you should wear the least sometimes!
you are going to have SUCH Fun with this! :) congrats, hon!
Just remember to stop following him around at school when he hits mom didn't stop...
Fantastic! Lunch Lady, huh? Me thinks you have a new Twitter name at the ready...
Fantastic! I'll bet you'll be the coolest lunch lady that cafeteria has ever seen! You know, you rock! Please share the funny tidbits with us. I'm waiting to hear your take on the cafeteria.
Learning about cooking in a cafeteria seems like an oxymoron, but cafeterias may have changed since I was a kid.
Good luck!
That's why I worked in child care for all of those years. It's a win/win.
perhaps you will be able to solve the mystery of mystery meat.
Go for the life saving--- but "cooking" in a school cafeteria? I don't think so!
Well at least you can re-discover the Fruit Loops again.... Good luck with it!

FOOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!
I wouldn't diss the hair net for the baseball cap. It would look great with your Ringling Brother's clown nose!
Way to go!
AWESOME answer to your worries! Here's to hoping he gets through the school year without choking - just great lunches where he gets to see his momma who obviously loves him SO much.
Wow. Congratulations on landing that job! My mom started working in my high school as an aide in the English department (they tried to hire her as a teacher, but she didn't want to take home papers) during my sophomore year. I couldn't get away with anything.
Good for you! I bet you'll love it. It will be great to meet all the kids.
That is awesome! I worked at my kids' school for several years too. The pay sucked and the benefits were nonexistent. But I got to be near my kids and have the same days off as them. I loved it!
When you figure out what's in "mystery meat," will you please let me know? Also, do you guys have the square pizza slices? I always liked those...
Hell ya... and you can improve on cafeteria food too. It's a win-win all around.
They'll be kissing your face and kissing your mole in no time, dude.
My mom worked in the cafeteria at school for more than 25 years. She started when I was in 1st grade and just retired a couple years ago. I always liked having her at school, it was convenient to get a ride there and home, and she even changed schools right along with me. One of the other bennies was bringing home leftover food at the end of the year.
Happy New Job!!!!
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