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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My J-O-B

Yesterday I was at work, fingering through my latest project. I had a stack of 29 autobiographies which I was editing and alphabetizing, when my mind started to wander.

What? You didn't know I work with writers? Well, I do. A whole second grade classroom full of them.

I was cutting out their pictures and using a glue stick to attach head-shots to a list of facts about each child. Facts detailing very personal information like their favorite color, or what they want to be when they grow up.

I couldn't help thinking about how ten years ago I was working as an Operations Manager for a local corporation. I oversaw two departments and numerous people. I worked long hours, I was motivated, diligent, and career-driven. My job defined me. That was before I had kids.

Now I'm a teacher's aide whose hours are 8:00-11:00 AM. I work with crayons, markers, and a lot of germs.

I took this job because it allows me to be home with my kids after school. Not to mention, my kindergartner still needs a little special attention, and the principal allows him to come to me for certain things. As a school and as an employer, they are more than accommodating.

If I had not bore children, who knows where I would've ended up career-wise. I know one thing for certain, we'd have a lot more money.

But, being able to stay home with my kids for nearly a decade and now work in the same building where they attend school...well, you can't put a price on that. It's a very fortunate situation in which to find myself.

So my briefcase doesn't hold business cards or a Blackberry, and sometimes I can't tell if the goo on my desk is from glue or some kid's snot, and I'm definitely not breaking the bank, but I think I'm the richest woman in the world.

Maybe I should stop sniffing those markers.

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Ah, is there anything better than that fresh maker aroma?
I was a Marketing MAnager for a multi national restaurant company. Traveling. Making good money. Moving up the ladder. Before I had kids.

Now I teach high schoolers that it's NOT ok to use their cell phones on tests and how to read the Bible. I am off every Summer, Christmas and Columbus Day. I make crap money.

I wouldn't change it for the world.
MMmmm, I hope they're the scented ones ;) I'm with you..10 years ago I was a head Pastry Chef, working 12-16 hours a day, every holiday, cursing like a truck driver in a kitchen full of men, some of whom I got to boss around. Now my husband gets to play that role...hehehe!
I'm considering doing the same thing next year. So many of the Moms I know, have done exactly this. It just works out SO well.
BTW... try the new scented pencils called "smencils". Made from recycled newspaper and the smell lasts for 5 years! (I can't figure that one out...who keeps a pencil for 5 years?)
Sounds bloody pefect to me..
Awww Momo.
i totally and completely get this...

lucky indeed!
Oh those markers smell awesome, don't they? Sniff...
Ahhhh that was lovely. I worked as a teachers aid too and loved it. They make you laugh so much don't they? :D
The cherry smelling marker is the best on :)
I would never have guessed....and yet it totally fits. :) Maybe you will go back and become a full fledged snot wiper?
If there was any way possible for me to be able to have a job where I was near my kid during the day, I would be the happiest person on earth.

This is a great post.
You go girl! It's nice to see people who are willing to sacrifice for their children, who soon find out it's not a sacrifice. I too could have been in a better financial position and had nice business cards. My Hubby, has a great job, brings home the bacon often says to coworkers how much easier his job is than mine and how happy it makes him that I am willing to do it. Our job is important, but the salary lacking. And it's nice to see that other people who hold these values. I think we are the silent majority.
What a WONDERFUL post! I would have LOVED to have had you for my beans teacher
I always preferred rubber cement to markers. :)

But I completely understand your sentiment. 5 years ago I was a course content developer for an e-learning company, on the track towards management. Now I'm a student, back in school for nursing so I can work more flexible hours and be with my kids more.

I kinda miss all the money, but I wouldn't trade my choices for anything.
See! I knew you'd like it!
This sounds ideal...the perfect mixture of working, but still being there for your kids. I'll file it away as a possibility for a few years from now when my kids are all in sounds great.
PAste. Do you get to work with paste too? Because that would be the final thing to make it perfect.
Your kids will love you being in the same school as them only until High School.

I know.

My mom was the school secretary at MY High School. Dammit, I couldn't get away with anything back then...

that is all. go about your day.
i would change places with you in a heartbeat.

the glob in my workspace is totally something that fell off my lunch.

which i ate at my desk.
Its nice to hear you say those things. I'm still trying to balance the family and corporate worlds, and so far its working (4 days/week, 7am - 3:30pm) but I don't know how much longer I can last! I know if I didn't work at all I'd be even more crazy than I am now, but there's a feeling you get from caring for your kids that simply can't be replaced!!!
I completely agree with you... there is nothing better than the time you are able to spend with your family and raising your kids. Money can NEVER replace the wonderful time spent and memories made that you have spent and made in these past 10 years. Very blessed, indeed.
Ditch the markers. The glue is much better. The liquid cement, when you can get it, is like heaven
Spent many years under tremendous debt to stay home with kiddoes...worth every penny. Don't get the permanent markers too close to your nose. They leave evidence.
How wonderful for you! Maybe THATS life's answer to what Smart Ass Mom should be when she grows up.
I was thinking this very thing this morning. How lucky I am that I have been there for my children, even though it has definitely not helped us financially. It's a clear trade in my mind. They grow all too fast and they are my best investment in this world.
you really have the Best Job ever.
I think that's an awesome perspective :)

And, can you tell me where to find those markers?
Yes, but the markers smell good, don't they. I can't put mine down.

Do I have ink on my nose?
I always thought that would be a fun job :)
I, too, gave up the career track to be a mom. I think it's the most sacrificial and honorable thing in the world... at least that is what my psychiatrist tells me. Just kidding, my kid doesn't make me THAT crazy (usually). :)
I think it is a great thing to be able to do. If it means staying closer to your kids, go for it. There ain't nothing wrong with sniffing a little glue here and there either...
oh Momo I just loved this whole post! But especially the last two sentences! You rock my socks.
Life is all about choices and priorities. And yours are all right. Rejoice!
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