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Monday, January 28, 2008

It's Time To Invest In A Muzzle

At the eye doctor's office the other day, a technician put my five year old son in an exam chair, then sat down on her rolling stool.

My son asked, "Mom, do you smell that?"

As I quickly looked for sand to bury my head in, I said, "No. I don't smell anything."

Even though I knew something bad was coming, that poor lady didn't have a clue. Not even when my son sniffed the air again and said, "I smell something Mom."

And, as the technician rolled closer to him, and he took in the full aroma, he said, "I smell something...and it smells like my poop."

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I am sorry to laugh Momo, but I just about fell off my chair laughing at this one. I love his brutal honesty. What could be going through that woman's mind? "Did a five year old just imply that my breathe smells like poop?" "Please tell me he didn't just poop in the examination chair...?"
My darling daughter put her butt (which is level with my 2 year olds head) Up to his face and proudly proclaimed that she had just farted in Her brothers face. To which he replied with a look of disgust on his face "I smell TT (his name for her) butt. EEWWW". Then this morning when the little girl I watch and put on the bus arrived, her walked over to her, and sniffed her butt. Again proclaiming, "I smell Kaylee butt. EWWW." I'm not leaving the house until he has stopped doing this. I fear we'll have moment in the supermarket where he'll want to smell some old person's butt. Your son is priceless!
kids...they're so NOT all!!
muahahahah! i love it. what happened next?
That is hillarious! Cute kid.
got to love em!
Your son is the ultimate blog fodder....he must keep you laughing (or on your toes) all day long!
Oh my goodness.. I would have just about dies with that cover up answer I am sure you had to use.. LOL
Oh gotta love it! I would have died!
I don't really and truly laugh out loud that often when reading blogs, this time I did.

For some reason the line, "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" came to mind.
woman- My comments never show up on here lately
seriously Momo we MUST know what happens next!!
Was it poop or the technician's armpit odor?
I would have died of laughter inside! This is the funniest thing I have read today!
And which shade of red did you turn? How funny is that!
Gotta love that. What's a mom to do!? That's hysterical...
Darn kids! Those are the moments that you'll probably laugh at down the road though.
Priceless... like she never heard that before. =)
Maybe she sharted!
Better than a temper tantrum. We had to have an eye doctor appointment for Scooby, DIS-ASS-TER!!! All of the instruments freaked him out. What I would have given for some calmness and a I smell my poop comment 8 -). Ahh, motherhood, I now long for the weirdest things.
I am picturing a change of career for some poor self-conscious tech now. LOL.
HAHA!! Like a mother bear and her cubs, children have the innate ability to distinguish their "cubs" by scent alone.
your child is HILARIOUS! Wonder where he gets it from....
LOL!!! Thanks for the laugh! I can totally relate to this one. And believe it or not it is always my daughter, not my 3 sons, who makes the most embarrassing comments like this. She will say, uh oh, I feel a big poop coming out, hurry run!!!
Hee hee. That was soooo funny. Kids are definitely the best blog fodder.
OMG...I just about snorted hot coffee through my nostrils thanks to your son's unwavering honesty. Christ, I would hate/ love to be his teacher in highschool. If he is like this now, then I'm sure you will be receiving many calls from the principal's office regarding your son's in class "statements." Good Luck.
Time for the techie to go easy on her favorite perfume, Eau de Merde! Blog Hoppin!
LOL! I've hit my first such moment with my youngest speech-delayed son. Had to make an emergency pit stop with him at the very busy Target bathroom.

He proclaims loudly, profusely, and clearly in rapid succession, "Mamma poo poo. Mamma poo pooo."

Well, at least I know he understands the difference now.

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