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Momo Fali's: Sunshine Almost Always Makes Me High

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunshine Almost Always Makes Me High

This morning, I opened the living room blinds to see the sun creeping up in the east.  The sky was lavender; a mix of pink and blue.  Blue!  We haven't seen a blue sky for a long, long time around here.  You will have to excuse the hyperbole, but it feels like forever ago.

I have considered the purchase of a "happy light" to get me through this gloomy period.  The winter months in Ohio are so dark, cold and gray.  Always gray.  Well, except for today of course.

Things seem so much more hopeful when the sun is out.  Life is brighter, happier and significantly more beautiful.  The gray days make me irritable and longing for summer, when daylight hangs around until my children are already tucked into bed.  On the rare occasion that we see the sun in the winter, the warmth on my skin makes the slush beneath my feet just a little more bearable.

There are only so many Chai tea lattes a girl can drink to keep her warm and only so many layers of fleece.  I need the sun.  I need its glow, the color it brings and the way that it produces a contrast between a frozen landscape and the sky.

The sun makes me feel good.  Today, I feel good.
I mean, really. Look at my header for crying out loud. That girl under the tree is me...throwing my arms up toward the sun because I love it so much.
Yay for blue skies and sunshine. I hope the pretty weather sticks around for a long time.
we really do need the sun, not just for the vitamin d, but the warmth and the radiance affect us on the inside too. Thanks for the simple reminder, beautifully expressed :) I love your header!

The sunshine today is especially noticeable in contrast to the totally completely gray day yesterday. My soul was dying then and now I see fit to hang on a little longer.
I once pooh-poohed buying a house because it didn't get enough sunlight. Husband tried to persuade me into giving it a second chance. I asked him if he wanted a sad wife or a happy wife. He picked the latter. I see the most beautiful sunsets in the house we wound up in. I get you.
I really MISS blue skies and sunshine too. Can you please send some of that my way?
Do we have to fight over that sun? Cause I NEED me some sun. xoxoxox
you should totally think about getting a light lamp-- some insurance companies cover it, check it out! that being said, i totally understand-- Indiana is the same way. Perhaps to break up the gray monotony, we should meet halfway and have chai lattes and lunch? Just a thought.. ;)
I raise my glass to you, doll. Hear, hear! ¡Viva el sol! *clink*
It was gray and overcast here today. You know, in the Sunshine State!
I hope the sunny skies stay a while.
Growing UP in Ohio, I never realized that the skies were gray. Once we moved away 33 years ago...and afer living in Florida for 18 years, I was amazed at how gray they were. Everytime I go back, it always strikes me...gray skies in Florida usually mean a violent storm is on the way, gray skies in Georgia, where we are now, simply mean it's winter or it's going to rain. I love the feel of the sun on my skin, the pureness of a blue sky, and the smell of spring.

Is it May yet?

I love sunshine. There's a reason that my entire adult life has been spent in SoCal and Central Texas!

I actually bought a sun lamp for the odd cloudy day we get around here.

I'm glad Mr. Sun decided to make an appearance.
I also get down from the grayness that is Ohio winter. My mom bought a Christmas tree on clearance, a little one, AFTER Christmas and has it up now because the lights make her happy. We Ohioans need light therapy! (and some other kinds of therapy, too, no doubt...)
Glad you're feeling good. And I agree the sun brings on the smiles. That's one reason I love spring so much. The end of the dreary dark winter.
Woot woot! Your blog must have sent some good Bokeh to Seattle because, after WEEKS of gray, today I woke up to a gorgeous blue sky as well!!!
Can I borrow the sun for a day? Pretty Please! This gloominess is killing me. I can't wait for spring! I'm glad you got some sun at least I know its still out there! :)

We are kindred souls in this. Right down to burying my sorrows in chai tea lattes. Extra hot. No water.
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