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Momo Fali's: Random Realizations: Nashville Edition

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Random Realizations: Nashville Edition

1.  You know how they say that everything is bigger in Texas?  They're liars.  This is but one, tiny section of the most massive hotel I have ever seen.  Really.  Ever.

2.  Everyone from the south is just as sweet as pie.

3.  Which is probably because of the weather.

4.  Or, the whiskey.

5.  When you put hundreds of women together in one space, there is bound to be some crying.

6.  Add said whiskey, and there will be some massive meltdowns y'all.

7.  Old friends become your enemies when they keep you out too late and make you have so much fun that the next morning (really, the same morning) it will feel like your brain is oozing out of your right ear.

8.  And, there are razorblades under your eyelids.

9.  But, vendors handing out ice cream in the exhibit hall make it all better.
So lucky to be there... Everyone is in TN...
Im jealous!
I love that hotel. It's GORGEOUS!

It sounds like you're having fun, yay!
Sounds like you're having a blast. I wish I was in Nashville right about now.
So glad you're having fun in our neck of the woods! Take a run down to Franklin if you have the time. A fabulous little town!
Sounds like fun and thanks for sending out love for the South.
Super well said - love it! :) Plus, I think you're just awesome for all of your hard work at Blissdom.
Holy SHIT if I knew you were going to Blissdom I would have GONE!!!!
Yeah, the Jack Daniels is one mean bastard!

I adore you and I only insert razor blades under eyelids with the utmost of love. So much fun! I miss you. (#80yearold)
Awww I miss you Momo. And thank you so much for not making any mention in this post of my "so cute like a little kid" snoring that I think you recorded at some point over this past week. Such an awesome hotel and experience, no? Next year?
And I would do it all again to you in a heartbeat. Dammit, I miss you.
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