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Monday, January 31, 2011

Looking for Reinforcement

Yesterday, I was looking at a catalog that contains therapeutic socks.

Not just looking at it, but seriously considering the purchase of compression hose because, good gracious, I'm almost 40 and after cooking up lunch for hundreds of kids, my dogs are really barking.  So are my spider veins.

I went to a night club the other night with some friends and I wore a sequined sweater...and tennis shoes.  At one point, I had to step off the dance floor so I could clean my glasses.  Mmm hmm...go ahead and picture all of that hotness.

The bonus?  None of the skeevy men in the club hit on me.  Though, there was that elderly guy with the motorized cart who asked me if I was single.  I thought about saying yes just so I could get a ride back to my hotel room.  Note to self:  If you're going to be walking a lot, don't forget your orthotics.  Or, a scooter helmet.

But even though I paid for dancing at that nightclub with bruises to my shins and calf muscles strained so hard that it shocked me, I didn't let it stop me from shaking my groove thing and having a whole lot of fun.

And, if that makes me consider support hose, then bring on the nylons.

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I give you credit just for getting out there in da club in the first place. Just reading about your evening made me tired. Glad you had a great time. And if you want, you can borrow my nylons to try them out first if you'd like before you buy. They're upstairs next to my dentures.
OOOOOMMMMMGGGG - thank you for making me snort my coffee! Getting cruised by the old guy in the motorized scooter made me giggle, but considering it for a ride back to your room...CLASSIC! I love it!

I love to dance. Was just thinking this weekend that I miss the nightclub days for the dancing - but not for much else.

Can't speak to the TEDs but if you need them - have at it! Own it and keep on dancing!
Shake your groove thang! This made my day!
So funny! We got to meet but didn't really spend any time together. Crying shame, I coulda used a laugh or two! I'll def subscribe to your blog!
"At one point, I had to step off the dance floor so I could clean my glasses." I'm there, sister. For a while last year, I was even wearing my glasses on a chain around my neck. And then I remembered my sixth grade teacher who was like a hundred years old when I had her. And she wore her glasses on a chain.

Momo, let us never go to the chain. We can do glasses, just. never. the. chain.
Seriously, they are so a fashion statement. I had to wear these after my back surgery.

So I had white Ted hose on...those hospital footie things, boxers and a tshirt and I was walking thru the hospital.

I tell ya, it was quite the fashion statement.

If anyone calls me on it, I'm blaming the drugs. There is no other reasonable explanation for me walking around like that...
Oh Momo, Im sorry, but I'm CRACKING up at this whole post. Please heed Kathy's warning, and stay away from the chain!

Oh, and don't even worry about getting/buying some compression stockings. I have to wear them every time I exercise. And by exercise I simply mean walking around my block!
The last guy to hit on me was seriously Garry Marshall's doppelganger. Wow, that sounds obscene.
Ted hose accually makes some cute and fun socks, holiday themed stuff and even hot pink with black polkadots. When did I start knowing this crap???? uhg. I feel your pain.
Noooooo, not the nyyyyylonnns!
As always, you give me a good laugh.

And I'm realizing how often I choose tennis shoes as my shoes of choice these days too. . .
Girl, I don't know what you're talking about - you were ROCKING those tennies out on the floor. ;)
and this post is just one of the 35,765,424 reasons that I love you.

I don't know weather being this comfortable with ourselves in public is the ultimate definition of cool or if people like you and I are just the counterpart to the old woman who lives alone with 347 cats.

My public line on this is COOL.
What WeaselMomma said (without the hat!) This post made me smile (and thankful that I can, you know, at least still shake it) keep on shaking that groove thing, lady!
Speaking of glasses, I thought that read, "shaving my groove thing" HAHAHA
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