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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Almost Called Mine Balthazar

My mom and I were recently discussing the names of her grandchildren.  I have three sisters, and between the four of us we have 12 kids.  Eight of them are boys. 

Their names are Stephen, Paul, John, Peter, Matthew, Daniel, David and Adam.

Do you think anyone can tell that we're Catholic?

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Hmmm ... interesting. I guess in my father-in-law's family, the whole Hispanic thing overshadowed the Catholic thing when it came to names.

Hector, Oscar, Ricardo, Lorenzo, Orlando, Jesse.

Oh, but my father-in-law's name isn't really Jesse. It's Jesus. (Hey Zeus.) Maybe it shows after all. ;)
Uh, ya think? :)
... or Baptist.
Balthazar would have been a nice twist. Maybe for a pet one day? ;)
My first 3 kids are all named after liquor. Can you tell that I am Catholic?
-->The quantity of grandkids is the first clue too. (My mom was the 10th out of 11.)
LOL! Only 4 more to go for Team Apostles :)
Once when I was in college some random person and I were talking about our siblings' names. In my family we have Michael, Sarah and Ann. This random person then said "What are your parents' names, John and Mary?" Imagine his surprise (and mine) to have hit it right on the nose!

I always threatened my mother than my kids would have "theme" names, like Bunny, Fawn and Birdie, or Stone, Rock and Brick.

Well, we're Protestant, and out of the the six boy grandkids on Matthew's side we have Graham (non-Biblical), Nathan, Isaiah, Jacob, Caleb and Daniel.

So, yeah. I hear you on the traditional names. :)
"Do you think anyone can tell that we're Catholic? "

No, never!

Weaselmomma's comment is MADE OF WIN.

Catholics are MADE OF WIN as well :)

We will have no catholic names when our fictional children are born but we drink and are irish so does that count?

Nah. No one will ever know. I always wonder why so many beautiful Old Testament names get left out. How about Peleg, Serug, Diklah, Joktan. The list could go on forever. I didn't make those up either.
There is no Francis, so you must not be very good Catholics!

Literally ROFLing here at the comments- too funny!

Love it!!

My kids names show that I'm not a very good Catholic, lol.
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