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Momo Fali's: Question of the Day VI

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Question of the Day VI

You know how you go to work at your lunch lady job, and the maintenance man retires, the one who is the nicest man on the planet, who greets your son at school every day with a high-five and a smile and treats him like he doesn't have a special need in the world, when really your son would rather listen to "Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy" on his electric piano on the highest volume, ALL day long than do anything else, and the nicest man on the planet draws you funny pictures, and would do anything for anyone, and makes work totally non-work-like, and the school has an assembly for him and the kids sing "In My Life" and you start crying SUPER hard, and then the nicest man on the planet sees your son in the crowd and picks him up, and your son says, "I wish that you would never leave", and then they hug in front of the entire school and you sob so violently that when you go back to the cafeteria you can barely roll up the turkey wraps?

Yeah, me too.

Goodbye, Mr. B.  We love you.

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awww :( that made me sad!
Okay, um... Im sobbing now. That was so sweet and so touching, and now, I never want Mr. B to leave ever!
Yes! No! But mostly this: I love me some Lunch Lady Momo getting all thinky and sweet and heartbreakingly awesome...

I hate when that happens.
Awwww Momo, What a tribute! We will surly miss Mr. B.
So sweet! I'd be sobbing too!
That is so lovely; what a nice, nice man.
Sweet. The world should have more people like him around.
Make sure he gets to see this post. And please tell him I said thank you for everything he does and is and helps others become.
Oh man. My heart.
So sad when really great people have to move on out of your life.

It's nice that he was part of your son's life. His influence will live on.
I'm obviously going through something hormonal, but this post made *me* sob like a baby. Mr. B sounds amazing.
God bless those special kind of people. They make more of a difference than they ever know. I know you will miss him.
You've been that guy to me, more than once. :)
So Thats why they tasted so salty.

Sounds like a nice moment. Those are rare.

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