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Momo Fali's: Words That Make My Skin Crawl

Monday, August 30, 2010

Words That Make My Skin Crawl

1. Bowels

2. Slacks

3. Ecru

4. A-whole-nother

5. Soggy

6. Splat

7. Snot

8. Pumps (in reference to shoes)

9. Pantyhose

10. Migraine

11. Can't
Great list, especially the last one! ;)
As I live in Vegas, I really feel pantyhose. I would also like to add ointment to the list. It is never something good when ointment is involved.
Migraines make my skin crawl, too.

I hate that word.

I also hate the word gals.
I greatly dislike being called "pal", but being told I "can't" definitely is the winner.
How about a non-word?

I have issues with 'commentator.'
"chicken on pizza"

It was hard to even type that.

Incentivize drives me nuts. Incent is a word, people. Use it!

Moist is really gross.
mis - chee - vee - ous

The word mischievous should be pronounced "mis chiv us"

Another: "supposably." I guess Webster is okay with it, but I'm not.
I hate "slacks" but I love "pants." Figure that one out.
I understand all of them except "soggy." "Moist," I get, but "soggy" is just funny.
Incentivize needs to be here again, but also gotten, deplane (!), trousers, and fart.

I could play this game for hours.....
Thank goodness my name isnt on the list! =)
I don't like panties. Ew
I had a field day with these on twitter one day (#wordsthatpissmeoff)

I especially hate 'LOL'. Why can't you write 'ha'? Its a real word and its SHORTER.
Blouse. Goes with slacks. Both remind me of 1970s polyester. ICK!!!
#11 is my LEAST favorite word too.
Partner, as in "let me partner with the boss on that"...translation, I'm too big of a wuss to make a decision and/or I have no clue what to do, so I'm going to cover my aspidistra, hold on, I'll be right back.

Partner! Hate it!

I also dislike "moist" and "irregardless," but have to vehemently disagree that "incent" is a word.

If you look up "incent," the definition is "to incentivize." It's simply a back-formation of the proper term, which is "incentivize." In that respect, "incent" is no more of a word than "irregardless."

Another that bothers me: "impact" used as a verb.
I can't (there's that word!) stand "moist" or "panties". God forbid they're spoken in the same sentence.

don't think i have ever heard # 3 before.
I had to follow your Tweet over to your blog. I LOVE IT... those words make my skin crawl too!


carbunkle (as in a boil)
....laughing at Mo's comment!
Funny. I just came across one that I hate...when people refer to Wednesday as "hump day." yuck!
reading these comments makes me feel a part of a big, weird family.

My word to hate on: squirt.

oh, and khaki
What about puce? (revolting shade of dark purpley-brown)

My mum used to wear puce slacks back in the early 80s.

Sorry, didn't mean to scare you like that.

She used to wear lime green slacks too. In public! Horrors!
I definitely agree with 'squirt'.

Also, sack. It's just ruined.

I used to work at a place where they would say "ongoingly". Ugh. It still makes me cringe.
Oh snot makes me puke....
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