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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lucky 13

On August 23, 1997, I woke early and roused my friend, Amy, from her deep slumber.

"I'm nervous", I said to her. I could feel my hands beginning to tremble and fought the urge to let my teeth chatter.

"Do you want to get up and go downstairs for awhile?" Amy asked. I nodded.

In her living room, she lit some candles as I fell to her sofa. I pulled my knees to my chest and wrapped my hands around my ankles. This was the sitting fetal position. It was the closest I could get to a happy place.

Clearly, I looked like a wreck. So Amy did what any good friend would do. She got me a Pop-Tart.

I almost started crying. There I was, just hours from the most important moment of my life and I was stressed, nervous, losing sleep and eating sugary, frosted, toaster treats at 4:00am. This was not how I saw my wedding day getting started.

But, sometime after the Pop Tart and my up-do, which came to be dubbed, "Medusa", I realized that things don't always go as planned.

Soon to be starring in the feature film Snakes on a Head.

I clearly recall, that a few hours later, we made the trip into the basement of the church. I sat down and made a declaration to everyone within earshot. "Things WILL go wrong today. If the ring bearer wants to break-dance down the aisle, fine. If someone passes out, we'll deal with it. If my ex-boyfriend shows up and starts shooting people...well, that's really going to suck.

And, you know what? Other than the snakes on my head, everything went beautifully. True perfection. I had the most wonderful time, had great conversations with old family and I spent the afternoon saying thanks to everyone who had helped deliver us our dream wedding.

I'm glad that our day started out a little strange, because it showed us what marriage would be like. Some days are dreamy and fun, but other days are Pop-Tarts and Medusa. Some days are both. You work with what you are given.

Happy Anniversary to the guy who has stayed by my side through all of these crazy years. Through sickness and health (mostly sickness), thick and thin (mostly thick), brown and blonde. I love you.

I wouldn't want to share Pop-Tarts with anyone else.

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Happy Anniversary to the both of you!

I think you look beautiful, Medusa look and all.
Sweet! Happy Anniversary!!
Happy Anniversary and all the best for many, many more.
Happiest anniversary (it was my 13th this year, too) to the both of you.
Happy anniversary, you crazy kids!
I hope you have 113 more! :)
happy anniversary!!!
Happy happy anniversary! Cheers!
Happy anniversary! I like the snakes on the head. It reminds me of the game "Snakes in the Grass" I used to play as a kid!
: )
Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

Many more!
Wishing you a lovely and very happy anniversary!!! I adored this post!

(your photo is beautiful!)
I'll toast a Pop-Tart to that. Congrats to you both.
Happy Anniversary! I hope you and hubby got to do something fun :) xo
Happy happy anniversary! I kinda liked the snakey look. . .is that wrong?
Happy Anniversary!! Just like Grandpa Simpson would say, "Medusa hair. It was the style at the time." Just so long as you didn't tie an onion to your belt, I think you're good. And, for the record, I think you looked stunning. So there.
Awww! Happy Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more years together xoxo

Makes me want to go have a Pop I've never had one. I know! Shocker! :)
Happy Anniversary! May you share many more boxes of pop-tarts together in years to come. Particularly the frosted strawberry kind, which are the best.

Happy anniversary. He sounds like a great guy. Glad your wedding day went great.
Aww...(sniff)...Happy Anniversary!

I think you should start an indie band, and call it "Medusa and the Pop Tarts" :)
Aw, what a great story. Happy Anniversary to the love of my life. I have no recollection of what I was doing the night before our wedding, but I believe it involved shots of something.
I do not recall this pop-tart story ... but I love it. Married life really is Pop-tarts and Medusa!

Happy Anniversary to one of my very favorite couples. It was a fun wedding -- brush-off and all!!

Sometimes, Medusa needs to go choke on a pop-tart.
i hated my hair too.

but I love you momo.

and i love love most of all.

clinking a miller lite for you!
Happy Anniversary! Best wishes for many, many more wonderful years together.
Happy Anniversary!

You looked beautiful!

Many, many more!
Happy happy anniversary!!!
beautiful beautiful post!
Happy Anniversary a day late!
I like the Medusa hair.

No, really.
Just found your blog and was reading older posts. We have the same anniversary! My husband and I got married Aug. 23, 1997. I wore those same earrings and had a very similar updo. Congratulations on 13 years and I hope you have many more!
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