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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In a Second

My daughter starts middle school today, which makes perfect sense because about eight seconds ago she was a 2 lb. 9 oz. preemie who fit in the palm of her father's hand.

Two seconds after that she was wearing pigtails and skipping and making me recite "The Three Little Pigs" over and over. Then she started reciting "The Three Little Pigs" and, somehow, even though it was only about five seconds ago, I have a 30 minute long video of her telling that story.

Oh my goodness, did that girl like to talk! One day, my left ear fell onto the floor and she just kept she was waiting for the right one to do the same thing. Okay, I'm exaggerating. Slightly.

She was so smart. She still is. But, smart when you're a toddler is different than smart when you're eleven. She sang God Bless America in front of huge groups...hundreds of people...when she had just turned three. So, yeah, that kind of smart. Now, she knows geometry, which makes her smarter than I have ever been.

She has always had a big heart and a sensitive soul, but about one second ago she got kind of hormonal. That means that she's SUPER sensitive, but doesn't always show a sensitive side. So, she has no problem being mean to her brother and making him cry, but when I tell her to stop it? Her tears could fill a bucket.

I used to think we were so much alike, and we are in a lot of ways, but more and more I see her becoming her own person. Which scares me a lot. I knew what to expect when she acted like me. I even knew what to expect when she acted like her father. *cough* button-pusher *cough*

These days, she does her own thing a lot. It's her music, her posters on the wall, her choices, her decisions. I hope she makes the right ones. Just saying that makes me want to lock her in a room forever.

Don't get me wrong, she's only eleven. She doesn't have a cell phone, she still goes to bed at a decent hour, she can't see PG-13 movies...except for Transformers because, duh, it's Transformers.

She still needs her mommy sometimes, but I'm 39 and I still need mine, so that doesn't make me feel much better. And, when I think about how dumb I acted when I started driving and then when I went to college...well, she's just never driving or enrolling in higher education. That's all there is to it.

Of course, that's not true. She will grow up, despite my best efforts to keep her a child.

All I know, is that in a few more seconds my baby girl will still be my girl, but she won't be my baby anymore. As much as I love seeing her grow, I really wish I could stop this clock.

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Beautiful post!
Beautiful (sniff). 11, you say?

Mine's 6, and I'm already feeling those twinges.

Something tells me your daughter is going to be just fine. :)
I agree Beautiful Post!!! I related on many levels
Amen. I'd give just about anything to stop the clock. Actually, I wouldn't mind turning it back a little as well. I miss when my babies were babies.

Beautiful post, Momo! So very relatable.
Been there done that... yep.

Know that the good seed you've sewn within them will carry on as they become more independant. You will have those frustrating moments, but give them space and stay as close as you can without smothering them.

Show interest - if they share - you're good.

Nice post my friend!
I don't mean to copy everyone else but as soon as I finished reading I though, "Beautiful post!"
I have to agree. It's a beautiful post. They do grow up fast, don't they?

Had to smile at "She still needs her mommy sometimes, but I'm 39 and I still need mine, so that doesn't make me feel much better."

I'm about to turn 34 and I sometimes need my mommy too...Truth
I know exactly hoe you feel Momo. My son starts HIGH SCHOOL in September and even though I am happy he's growing up so far so good, I wish I could stop the ticking clock too.
time really does go way too quick. nice post.
Mine's about to leave for grad school. I'm wishing for 11 again--but... I wouldn't change 24 for anything.

That's why people wish for grandchildren. The rerun episodes of joy, but still totally new and interesting.
The good news is...they always remain your baby no matter how old, my son is still my baby even though he is a grown man and an Army Ranger.
yep, it goes waaaaaaaay too fast. My girl started kindergarten this week, which means nothing to you, but is a huge deal to me.
As the mother to a 3 year old girl who is super smart and chatters CONSTANTLY - I have no idea what you're talking about. I thought they stopped growing at 5. . .

Seriously, this was a very sweet post, you got me all teary. I can't imagine my baby being so big. Congratulations? I think. . .
*lalalalalalala* (fingers in ears)

My girls will be four forever. Just like they were going to be newborn preemies forever, and then crawlers, and then toddlers. Forever.

Your daughter is a joy, and has the mother she deserves.
Mine are 25 and 21, I have no freakin' idea how that happened!

Sometimes I turn around a wonder who these adults are, and where my babies went.

And frankly, I'm too young to have kids that old...seriously, I am! HA

I love the way you write. This was beautiful.

And we already talked (yesterday) about how quickly time flies, and you know where I'm at, so I'm just gonna go grab some kleenex.
Sniffles... You've hit the nail on the head. Sigh.

(Oh, and my visual word verification is 'butden'. Ha!)
this is beautiful. <333
You are not making me feel any better. My daughter is six and I have often found myself looking at her with both pride and fear. This is also inspiring the desire for a new baby, which I know is somewhat stupid because no matter how many you have, they have to grow up sometime. Thanks for putting it into words. So far I've been refusing know, denial.
I wish I could make time stand still every day as well. Our second daughter was born a week ago and I can't even imagine her or Bea (who's almost 2) turning 11.

But it will come to pass I know. Thank you for a wonderful post.
I love this beautiful! xo
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