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Friday, August 20, 2010

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I had a post for today, but ended up going to the hospital for some tests for my upcoming surgery on my girly parts, then I went to a staff meeting at work and spent the rest of the afternoon working on updating other areas of this site.

Overall, it was kind of a lazy summer day. With the exception of watching my son walk around clenching his jaw all day (because he put his teeth through his chin last night), the day was without drama. Yesterday, the hole in his lip did cause a bit of hoopla, but today? Wasn't bad.

No drama is good around here. Boring and lazy is like a ray of sunshine, because more often than not we have a lot to deal with.

But, you know what? We're one of the lucky families. My son may not live to be elderly, but given the medical advances in cardiology, you never know. Maybe he will. There are some children who have rare diseases for which little is known and for whom life could be cut way too short.

One of those children belongs to my friend, Kevin. Today, Kevin reminded me of how fortunate we are. Click here if you want to read why.

But, if there is one thing I really want you to click, it is this...

Your vote can mean $250,000 from the Pepsi Refresh Project to help fund research for this rare auto-immune disorder. YOU CAN HELP! Please vote for this. For me, for my friend, but more than anything for his daughter and all the kids like her.


Momo, I'm all in. This is a good thing to do :)
Thank you for your support, Momo.

And best of luck to your girly parts, my friend.

Glad you had a drama free, boring, lazy day.
Boring, lazy days can be a blessing. I'm glad you had one. Good luck with everything.
You got my vote!
You're such a good friend, Diane. In many ways. :)
My vote is cast!

Glad your day was easy.
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