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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

They're Few. I'm Proud.

Very early this morning, one of our nephews boarded a flight to California where he will join his older brother. They are two members of the same Marine unit and after training out west will deploy in August to, most likely, Afghanistan.

The older of the two has seen combat before. In 2005, while serving in Iraq, he lost 22 fellow Marines and one Navy Corpsman...out of the 160 who deployed with him. This unit suffered one of the greatest losses in the war. When our nephew made it home safely, I cried every time I saw him for quite some time.

Since then, he got married, had a son and his younger brother decided to follow in his footsteps. Now there are two of them going off to fight. Two children of the same mother and father who are some of the strongest parents I know.

I know that every other Marine is considered family, but I'm happy they have each other too. I am already counting the days until I can cry tears of joy because of their safe return.

I was going to end this by saying, "Be safe, boys", but that wouldn't be right. They are men. They are brave and strong and I'm glad they are on our side.

I'm proud to know them and call them family.

Semper Fi.

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Wow. I will keep them in my thoughts. I admire those who fight for our freedoms so, so much.
I thank God for brave men like your nephews and their willingness to protect the freedom that so many take for granted.

Semper Fi is right.
Wow, I bet that's tough on their parents! I have two relatives (to me, I still think of them as kids) that are in the service...I worry about them so much!
Prayers for your nephews! I appreciate their willingness to serve and to protect our nation.
Thanks, Momo, for telling us about them. May they be safe. (NEVER ask a serviceman to be careful, only safe.)

- From an army wife, whose kids keep asking why Dad keeps showing up for dinner and bedtime.
thanks for posting. having friends and family who have served and who are still there, it is very much on my mind. but people forget. i hear ya on the crying. at a mother's day banquet over the weekend, the "entertainment" sang lee greenwood's 'proud to be an american' and i nearly had a core meltdown while holding both my babies. i love your blog, btw. i am not yet a blogger, but i check in on you all the time! :)
xoxo meesh
(amy's bff and kim's sis in law)
I will say many thoughts and prayers for them. xo
I just visited my son after he returned from his 4th deployment. Yes...they are men. Wishing a safe trip to all.
Wow. Just wow. They will be in my thoughts and prayers too. Safe home.
Definitely hoping they stay safe! Hugs.
Thank God for the fighting men and women of the US Military!

Courage on both sides here.

God bless them in thier efforts and a safe return!
And come home safe.
Ooh Rah! I'll keep them both and their family in my thoughts.
My cousin Billy is back for good now. He went "over there" (he was gone so much our family stopped asking exactly where he was and just called it "over there") four times. He loves being a soldier so much that he named his youngest son Soldier.
Oh, I will keep them in my thoughts. I have a very soft spot in my heart for Marines (being married to one does that, I think). You're right. They are few. And I'm proud of every single Marine.
I always remember the soldier in my prayers and I will add these young men to the list. God bless them both.
A BIG THANK YOU GOES OUT TO THOSE MEN! Prayers for a safe return!
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