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Momo Fali's: Question of the Day III

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Question of the Day III

You know how you stay up late with your husband drinking homemade, blackberry wine and then you wake up at 4:30am and can't go back to sleep, and four hours later you get on a school bus with 30 first graders for a zoo field trip, and then you walk around for four hours in the rain, and you watch a gorilla regurgitate and re-eat it over and over again, and sometimes the gorilla eats its own boogers, and then you go to lunch and give thanks that you didn't pack guacamole, and then a bug flies in your mouth, and on the bus ride home your son sleeps the entire way, which means he doesn't fall asleep until way-to-late-o'clock on a school night?

Yeah me too.

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ummmmm to be YOU!
I'd blame it on the homemade wine. Homemade wine has always gotten me in trouble. :)
You did that too? I do the Boones though. Strawberry.
OMG, that same thing happened to me today! 'Cept it was homemade beer. But everything else? Exactly the same.
That's the kind of day that can make you really grateful that it's over.
Okay, I almost clicked out at the words 'gorilla regurgitate'.

But I stopped to say that days like this really make you appreciate those oh-so-ordinary-and-mundane days, don't they?
I am so bummed that the volunteer list was full for Zia's Zoo field trip.

Because that sounds like fun!
Oh dear. I'm now seriously concerned about school trips.

(Question: Do public schools assume that every child has a stay-at-home parent? My husband seems to think that my schedule will clear up when the kids start school, but my friends with older kids in school make it seem like I'll have to quit my job to turn chauffeur.)
it sounds like a well rounded educational experience... which is also an experience that's completely unattractive.

although, I'd love some blackberry wine...
I wanted to say something witty like, "What's your point?" but, really...This is why I teach high school...we don't go to the zoo! We are the zoo!


seriously, i do.
Ouch. I'm so sorry. Memories! The sulky sixth-grader I drove to the Rosicrucian Museum (Egyptology and a planetarium!) in San Jose, doing the mom carpool thing--that kid was such a brat. Sullen, argumentative, disobedient. Then on the way home he barfed all over my car--in the front seat. No wonder he'd been such a jerk, he felt awful!

That got him sympathy points that lasted all through high school. (He probably needed them, too, but never mind.)
I wish I knew you IRL.
This is probably why my mom never went on my school field trips...
Well, that cinches it... no visit to the zoo on our upcoming visit to the grans. I do think I will bring a bottle of wine to share though.

Hope your days and nights improve.
Yummy bugs. Are you sure you didn't walk onto the set of Survivor?

*trying to get that gorilla image out of my head!*
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