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Momo Fali's: Question of the Day II

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Question of the Day II

Have you ever been on the phone with the resolution department of your health insurance company for the fifth time in five days, and you are trying to explain how your husband's former company left you high and dry, without insurance for 33 days, which is the same 33 days in which your husband tore his calf muscle, you had a sinus infection, your son had an ear infection and your daughter got $406 worth of immunizations, and while you're on the phone your son starts crying because he doesn't understand his math homework, and your daughter keeps tapping you on the shoulder no matter how many times you put your finger in the air to signify that she needs to wait a minute and she ignores you and keeps asking, "Can I have some grapes?", and then the dog starts throwing up and you look in the other room to see your husband sitting on the couch playing the Wii?

Yeah. Me too.

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Are you some kind of peeping Tom? poor thing!! You need a GIANT bottle of Calgon and an EVEN BIGGER bottle of wine!! Also, you might want to think about pawning your hubby's Wii. Teehee!!
We must be living in alternate universes... eerie!
That sounds somewhat familiar but I don't really remember. The last time I played Wii I ended up with a sharp pain in my skull and don't seem to remember much before or after.....wait
That sounds like Thursday around here except make it the car insurance company and XBox 360. Oh and make sure that my daughter has crapped her underwear for the third time.
Well, he does have that bad calf muscle and all...

Yes. Minus the insurance headaches. I'm SOOOO sorry about that.

To be fair, hubby's REALLY pulling his weight now. He took it upon himself to handle the bedtime routine by himself to see why I couldn't manage to get the kids to bed on time. He was chastened, and actually had a number of excellent suggestions for improvement.

Then I asked him to please also fit in the speech therapy exercises, the bedtime cup of milk with a laxative for Melly, a bedtime story, the nightly phone call to him that we make while he's away. ;)
I'm dealing with that now. I'm constantly making lists to remind myself why I keep my husband around. The lists help in times of trouble.
'Round here, we call them "Mondays."
I love these Question of the Day posts because they're hysterical, but I hate them because it's your life and it's real.

And yet another reason I'm glad to have avoided the video game craze.
I have had a day like that too. 'cept it was two barfing dogs. No kids yet.

Oh yes, at this point conniption would not even BEGIN to cover it, whatheheck????
That's a good time for a long swift walk by oneself, practicing the piano REALLY LOUD (Rachmaninoff Rocks!), or locking the bathroom door with some cashmere yarn and the best rosewood knitting needles. And if there's only one bathroom, maybe all the better (for a short while, anyway.)
Substitute the dog having diarrhea and the son saying "THE DOG JUST HAD DIARRHEA ON THE FLOOR" while I'm on the phone and yeah, that's pretty much my day too.
ummm yeah...sort of.

YES! The subject matter may be different, but the situation is identical. I have no solution, only sympathy to offer.
Seriously MOMO... stay away from my house! I don't appreciate people writing about my life! :D On a more serious note: I'm happy to hear other people's children (and dogs) do the same thing as mine!
I knew I was in trouble when after 4 days of lying flat on my back unable to get out of bed, my husband so kindly brings me a bowl of ice cream. In a Barbie bowl. That belongs to my niece. Sigh. No animal vomit though. I was so afraid I was going to finally stumble into the kitchen and put my foot right in a big ole hairball. God sometimes has mercy.
it's all been said.
dude, you make me feel so much better about the total chaos that is my life.
seriously though...

there's some kind of letter you can get from the former employer (HR dept) stating when coverage ended. I think it's called "End of Coverage Statement" or something creative like that.

You have to get one for every member of the family, then show your current insurance co and they should bridge the gap.

Good luck!
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