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Momo Fali's: Pray

Monday, April 12, 2010


Yesterday, a disturbed man entered our church in the middle of mass. He didn't appear to be homeless, or otherwise in a bad financial state. He was wearing clean, white shorts, sunglasses and had headphones on with music blaring so loud that everyone could hear it.

He walked down the center aisle and sat in a pew near the altar. When our deacon came down the steps and asked him to turn his music off, this man began to yell. Loudly.

A group of men jumped to the deacon's aide and they escorted the intruder to the back of the church and out a set of doors. One of those men was my husband. My kids began to cry.

I won't get in to what my husband told me this man said when they were back there, but it was a lot of nonsense and there were some threats made. The police were called. Had I known the words that were coming out of his mouth, I would have taken my kids and ran. The entire ordeal was very unsettling.

I held my weeping son with one arm and had my other arm wrapped around my daughter's shoulder, pulling her tight. She stared up at me. Then I leaned over and whispered, "Maybe we should pray for him."

And, once again, I was reminded that she is growing up because she replied, "I already did."

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Such a scary thing to happen, especially in a place that is supposed to feel very safe.

Your daughter is spectacular.
What an amazing kid!
Your kids are too sweet. I just found your blog amazingly enough and I told my husband that your son is another very good reminder of how good God is. scary. and what a precious thing for your daughter to do. i'm so glad that you all were safe!!
This happened once at a church I was attending as a teenager. A drugged up man came into the service, sat down, and started talking to himself, loudly. When the deacon asked him to please lower his voice, he started yelling and had to be escorted out of the sanctuary. One of the people that escorted him out was my father, and I remember feeling scared for him too. My dad told us later that he was yelling obscenities, and claiming to be a messenger of the devil here to give us a message. It was all rather frightening.
It sounds like your daughter is an amazing little person :)
She has an incredible heart! That had to be a horrible episode.
Sweet kid, don't ya just hate it when you're kids are smarter than you are?

Oh Momo.
Wish I could fix you some hot tea, or maybe coffee with Bailey's...

I'm so sorry for the fright.

Your kids will never forget how their brave father didn't hesitate to protect them and the other parishoners.

Sometimes focusing on the positive helps to calm those nerves.

That sounds so scary! And for it to happen in a church is even scarier. You should be proud of your daughter, she has a great heart!
That right there is a success story.
That is scary. I'm glad you're all OK.

But dang; kids are amazing.
OMG. How truly scary and upsetting to have that kind of scene happen right in church! But, I am very impressed with your daughters response.
There's a hidden meaning behind everything. I think your daughter already understands that.
I hope my daughters grow to be like yours.
Your daughter is precious, such wisdom at a young age. I think we can attribute that to amazing parents. :) That is a scary situation, I'm glad everything turned out okay.
That is so scary!!! You raised her right momo!
(we'll pray for him too--something is obviously not right with him!)
you have raised her right...

that is scary about the man, we had an incidence with an intruder at our church not too long ago that was very bizarre, luckily it happened in the foyer of the church and not inside where services where taking place.
What a great message! Teaching our kids the smarts to be safe and cautious when they see danger, but understand the need to pray for all- very powerful message Momo!
A. He sounds like someone who is in need of prayers.
B. It sounds like your kids are just the ones for the job. They are amazing, as are their parents.
I loved this. That's a pretty special girl you have there.
Out of the mouths of babes. Well done, and good job, Mom! And Dad too!
A friend of mine's church was just recently vandalized by a man who claimed he just wanted to be arrested so he'd have a place to live and food to eat for awhile. When he realized the neighbors across the street saw him, he came across and busted up their car and slashed the tires. It's very scary when people do things like that. I'm glad none of you were hurt.
Oh, how terrible. I hate that these kinds of things are realities. Sounds like you handled it well with the kids---they sound like gems.
This is very, very scary.

What an amazing kiddo you have. Both of them.
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