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Monday, April 5, 2010

I Almost Sold the Ketchup on eBay

Holidays make for interesting conversations around our house. Trying to explain the importance of July 4th became so challenging that I simply started referring to it as, "America's Birthday".

Lent was also a complex discussion, but nowhere near as tough as the triduum (the three holy days before Easter). Throw in a Resurrection and you'll have one confused seven year old.

I thought I did my best. Before we left for Holy Thursday Mass, I told my son that he would see the priest wash the feet of some chosen parishioners. I think this is one of the most beautiful and solemn ceremonies we have. It is a touching thing to be reminded that Jesus did this for his disciples.

My son, however? Not so solemn. Because when he smelled incense and saw smoke rising near the altar he turned to me and asked, "Mom? Is the priest making people's feet stinky?"

Then at lunch yesterday I was sure he had grasped the meaning of Easter when he enthusiastically announced, "I can't believe Jesus is risen!" Then he took a French fry and drew a picture of the Crucifixion in his ketchup.

Maybe all of this is my fault. I couldn't help but think so when I was downloading pictures last night. We took the kids to the park on Saturday for an Easter egg hunt where kids were dressed in their spring finest. My son, however, was wearing a Napoleon Dynamite shirt...with cinnamon roll swiped on it. Clearly, he was not happy about this. Or, he had to poop.

And, despite the fact that I have roughly 80 wicker, one cloth and at least three plastic Easter baskets in my basement, my son was using a plastic bag. Note to self: Plastic bags are not good for egg hunts which have 6000 eggs disappear in 20 seconds. By the time you get the bag open, the eggs are gone and then you have a very sad, seven year old who only got one egg.

Not only am I lousy at explaining holidays, traditions and what is not acceptable to draw in your ketchup, but I also stink at egg hunt preparation.

My poor kid is doomed.

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No pic of the crucifixion drawn in ketchup??????
I would love to see that.
The ketchup Crucifixion would have definitely sold on Ebay!! There is definitely a market out there for stuff like that!!
Hey, at least the plastic bag didn't have a hole in it, because then he'd have NO eggs. ;)
fun fun post!

Happy Belated Easter!
Hope everything came out all right for him. :)

We showed up to the egg hunt with the exact same bag, and some caring mother (probably from the church's charity committee) came up and gave him a real basket to keep, for his very own. Meanwhile, I stood beside him, staring off in the distance in my designer clothes and sunglasses.
My kid was the only one in our family that didn't use a plastic bag. Maybe the bag is becoming more popular as an egg gathering vehicle.
poor guy! maybe next time you can fill your pockets with extra eggs and treats that you discreetly drop near him and he can find before those hyper-achievers snatch them all up!
Seriously, your son could not BE any cuter! I love his shirt and his expression RULES!!!!!!!!!
At least he's backing a winner in the next election.
HEY! Ketchup and eggs go together!
Yeah, total poop face. But hey, he had the right idea, he could have fit a lot more eggs in that bag than a basket.
Darn you! Just stumbled across your blog for the first time and am laughing, laughing, laughing...and therefore NOT getting the laundry or dishes done or dealing with whatever the hell this smell lingering around is. Err...
Thanks for the great Tuesday afteroon naptime!
Ah yes. Thinking to when my older son complained that I hadn't bought his senior portraits, and me going, You have Sunday-best clothes, and what you chose to put on that day for a formal portrait--no, I'm not paying a hundred bucks to plaster the grandparents' walls with that!

When he graduates from law school in two years he will make up for it, I have no doubt.
I think the eggs from hunts are gross anyway. Rolling around in dirt and bug poop after who knows how many people handled them. Yuck.
Hey, at least you know better for next year, right?
Honestly, I never would have thought to bring a basket to an egg hunt. I would have gone with the bag too!
Not only am I lousy at explaining holidays, traditions and what is not acceptable to draw in your ketchup, but I also stink at egg hunt preparation.

Maybe. But you're the best mom EVER.

and? My son has that same t shirt.
Ha! I always found the Easter baskets way after Easter. Actually they usually turned up about Halloween time. At least the one egg didn't fall through a hole in the bag....
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