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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Big Blog Love

On Tuesday night, I came home after being on my feet for the better part of 14 hours. I was tired. Not just physically, but also emotionally because the events of the last couple of weeks had drained me. The marrow of life had been sucked right out of me.

All I wanted to do was cry.

There was a package waiting for me that had been sent by one of my favorite readers, who also happens to be an inspirational writer. Actually, she's an inspirational human being. I don't know how we came to read each other's blogs, as she's a knitter and is exceptional at her art. As for me? I just own art. Like from Target and stuff.

Inside the package was a beautiful shawl. I pulled it from its bag and wrapped it around my shoulders. Instead of wiping away tears, I began to smile. That gorgeous shawl, which was made with love and out of pure friendship, arrived at the perfect time. It was like getting a hug from thousands of miles away.

Blogging has brought extraordinary people into my life. Outside of my church, I have never seen such generosity and downright goodness in others. Bloggers latch on to each other's writing, each other's causes and to each other.

Last week, my good friend Piper received devastating news when her fiance broke up with her over the phone. Piper is a strong, single-mother who loves with her whole heart and who oozes good vibes. She has a beautiful spirit, is an amazing mom and a terrific writer.

Today I, and many others, are sending her hugs from thousands of miles away. We are trying to repair her spirit to its beautiful state. She needs to know she deserves better than the bad hand that she was dealt. She needs to know we love her.

And, Piper, we do. We really love you. But, you're totally not getting my shawl.

For more Piper love, visit the links in this Mr. Linky:

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Loves & hugs.
Great post!! :)

I'm sorry you had such an awful day, Momo. At least you didn't leave any ground beef out, did you? LOL


And more (((hugs))) to Piper!
You are loved, Momo!
I love you both! And I am jealous of your shawl! Because I am sure it is beautiful and because it gets to hug you.
Sending you hugs and love too Momo.
Shawls are awesome to make you feel better after a terrible, no good, very bad day!

Big hugs to YOU and to Piper!

Aw. Momo! I loved reading about how that gorgeous shawl made you smile INSTEAD of needing it to wipe away your tears.
Whoa, pretty powerful stuff. I have chills all over. My heart goes out to Piper, I don't know her, but can related to the depths of hell from which she speaks.
Even more moving and powerful is this sisterhood of blogging, of supporting one another and creating this incredible "web" for your friend Piper.
Hats off to all of you.
You are ALL incredible women, with incredible talents and even more incredible hearts.

I totally get it. I had a similar moment to yours last week when a box of tulips arrived from one of my bloggy friends. This whole virtual friend thing is so not virtual. It's hard to wrap my head around, but I'm so thankful for all these friendships.

Hope this week is easier for you.
Thank you for the kind words. I burst out laughing at that second to last line!

And anybody who breaks up by phone, who cannot handle facing strong emotions shared in person, is someone she'll be better off being done with, no matter how painful it is now.

As for how we found each other, I stumbled across your blog awhile ago after loving a funny comment you left at mom2my6pack-Dawn's blog.

Enjoy that bit of lace with much love from me always, and thank you for your friendship and the good person that you are. You wrote comments and encouragement when I was so ill last year, helping me see my way through those endless months; this was something I could do to give back.
This is my first time on your blog - I LOVED IT! ***Hugs*** to Piper!
Lookin' good, Mr. Linky! haha
I had a similar experience last year - everything in life was just sucking me dry - and a friend, who was not even a close friend, asked for my address so she could leave me a little something, and it was a shawl. I wrapped up in it and cried for about a day. Magic power of things created with love, I guess. I'm happy for you Momo!
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