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Monday, March 1, 2010

That's One Scary Snowman

I wonder if my son's art teacher is as proud as we are with his coloring skills
and the little extra something he added to the left side of this sketch.

Because, clearly, a constipated deer would be lacking in originality.

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Hey, he's just keepin' it real...
Hysterical! More original would be to have the snowman doing the same thing.
His art, and English teacher should see his awesomeness. He has even labelled it perfectly.

(may I also take the time to point out that the word I had to spell to prove I wasn't a bot, thus able to comment here, was; bents)
Lol.... it took me a minutes, but I finally got the scary snowman joke. And I laughed.

Gotta love an original! (In my case, with three poop/butt obsesses boy: I really do HAVE to. I think it's a law or something....)
I love the spiraling path in which it fell. The guy's got chops!
I think he's right. It's not attached, so it can't be a tail. I would inquire whether his normal feces color is blue, though. That can be worrisome.
Maybe you could also think of it as him working on his spelling skills.
Brilliant! I have to admit that when I first looked at it, I was impressed by the coloring skills, and then I saw the addition to the left, and I think I choked on my drink.
I have heard that snowmen sometimes have that effect on wildlife. And also Metamucil.
I know I'm impressed.
That's too funny! And too cute!
Ha! And I didn't even SEE it until I read your caption! To his credit - it WAS a pretty boring scene to color, that art teacher should be proud that he found a way to liven it up a bit!
HA HA HA! That's a keeper.
The entertainment you get from that kid is priceless!
It could be the deer was trying to balance a potato on his butt, trying to outdo that snowman balancing the carrot on his upperlip?

I too think the spiraled fall and sound effects are genius!
i hope you gave it proper honor.
Good to know that the hilarity of "poop jokes" doesn't go away when they get older!
I'm thinking the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...Mommy has a sense of humor, I'm sure...and if Daddy doesn't, he must lead a very confused existance!!


awesome art btw!!
Well you know that book, 'Everyone Poops'--it means everyone including the deer ;)
Your boy is a true scientist. It is indeed a fact that when whitetail deer achieve threat level blue, they eject poop in a spiral trajectory to bewilder, confuse and amuse snowmen, parents, teachers and predators.
Oh jee, thanks for putting that song in my head.

plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is...
This is hysterical and your son is very creative!
Once again proving that everything is made better with potty humor.

Nicely played.
obviously destined for greatness. (*snort* first time i typed greatmess ... yeah that too)
*snort* Well, they gotta poop somewhere!
Hey, everybody poops!

This boy of yours is GOLDEN!

Seriously. He is HILARIOUS.
I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Someone wrote a blog on how great POOP was... now who was that and could that have influenced this.....nah...

I'm gonna become a teacher, this is hysterical.
OMG, that is a RIOT!

Yes, I snorted...
I laughed out loud! If you get tired of him, send him over--he'd fit right in!
I was about to ask how on earth an animal could poop STRAIGHT UP, and then I flashed back to this afternoon when I believe I was cleaning poop off my baby's back and neck. It happens.
That's hilarious. (And BTW, he is really talented. I'm impressed.)
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