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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's a Bird, It's a Plane

American Idol is one of the few shows we watch as a family. My son loves giving the singers a "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down" and my daughter likes it when Joe Jonas shows up.

But, ever since my husband called this contestant Clark Kent, I can't see the forest for the trees.

Which is to say...I can't get past her face to hear her voice.

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Probably a good thing that I don't watch Idol.
Oh, Shiban. Shivan. Shooban. Shivnard. Please call 1-800-contacts.
-->I can never remember how you pronounce her name because the spelling is so "not American" looking. I'm tired of her big notes.
We watch it, but this year...they need to send them all home and start over...with a couple of exceptions...where's Kelly Clarkson when you need her?


And nerd glasses are back.
OMG...that thought never entered my mind, while watching Siobhan on AI. that's all I'm going to think of when I watch her!!! Thanks a bunch, Momo!!

Oh, Geez! Is this what AI has come to since I started having babies?

The army regulation lenses of 1982 called. It wants it's glasses back.
I think this year lacks vocal talent - really - Bowersox songs great but that market doesn't exist anymore. So I have decided to be responsible and mature and vote for the hottest 'chick" but wait - there arent any either!

Guess Dancing with he stars will be my "belly" outlet this year!

(what the hell am I talking about)

And ok, enough Ellen.

But good you watch with your family - and Michael is probably the best as far as I'm concerned.

The Word verification was "koinge". LOL
Is that her above? If so, she needs to take the glasses off, or get stronger ones. She's squinting like she can't see in front of her! I'm not an Idol watcher. Sometimes it seems the off screen antics are more interesting than the on screen ones. Just sayin' :)
I can't get past the fact that she sounds like a complete airhead when she talks. She can make Kellie Pickler sound like the class genius.

Thankfully, she defined pitchy this week. Yikes. What a mess that song was.
funny! It is hard to get past that, but I love her! She's very unique!
I'm calling the top 3 as Big Mike, Crystal and that little tiny kid, Aaron. And I like Siobhan, but I can't get past the way she talks, it's really annoying.

I dunno why, but he can't get rid of the 17 year old fangirls so I bet he goes long. This year lacks talent, big time. It's weird, I thought they were all pretty awesome for their auditions but they all seem to have dropped down to nothing now!
She really has such an amazing voice and is quite pretty without the glasses. I wish she'd do something about them too though.
Before I respond to your comment on my blog, I just HAD to point you to this other recent post of mine:

that expression is classic!
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