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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Barbie, Be Gone

My daughter turned eleven in December. A couple of weeks ago, in the midst of cleaning her room, she told me that she had a bundle of clothes to hand down to her cousin. Then, as if she was uttering something completely meaningless she said, "Oh, and I don't really play with my Barbies anymore." Like a knife to the heart, I tell you.

For as long as I can remember, she has had a large, Barbie storage bag hanging in her room. Nearly the length of the door on which it hangs, it has individual compartments for putting dolls or clothes. It is so full and heavy that I have had to replace the hooks for it twice.

Under her bed there is an entire box full of wedding dresses, night-club outfits, tea-party skirts and mismatched flip-flops. There is a school teacher's chalkboard, a purple convertible and a red, VW Beetle. Not to mention the full Cinderella carriage, complete with horses. All of it, done for.

My daughter is moving on. We have gone from baby dolls to shopping malls. Now she wants her own e-mail account and a cell phone. She was thrilled when I recently bought her a full-length mirror for her room so she can make sure she looks okay before school.

She brushes her hair without being asked (most of the time) and she's wearing deodorant. Sometimes we pass right by the kid's shoe section and head straight for the women's, because she can fit in those now too.

She is growing up. And, that? Scares me to death.

Getting her through childhood was hard enough. Soon there will be peer pressure and boys and really important decisions with which she'll be faced. Hard decisions that need to be made in an instant and need to be made correctly the first time, because sometimes there isn't a second chance.

Don't get me wrong, I love watching her grow and excel and morph into this amazing person.

But, I would do just about anything to go back in time to see her playing with those Barbies again.

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I know, Momo...I know. It's tough, isn't it?

ahhhh breaks my heart a little bit in two. xoxox
I feel your pain Momo. I'm the one holding on to my daughter's Barbie house, not her.
I feel your pain, Momo. I've had two girls who've long discarded their Barbies and have gone on to those important decisions. All I can offer is a big (((HUG.)))
I hear you! My 9 1/2 yo sets her alarm so she can wash her hair before school. So grown-up, so soon.

Plus, I spent a shit-load on those Barbies.
Keep a few of her favorites, she'll be glad you did. I actually had to make my daughter get rid of her Barbie stuff because she didn't play with it anymore because she's such a pack rat she refuses to get rid of anything unless I make force her.
This is what happens when you keep feeding them.

Been there. Have fun! (couldn't find a scary font)
Oof! I feel that in MY gut, too! I'm sorry, Momo. BIIIIIIIIG Hugs.

When I get really nostalgic about the kids, I kick the $12,000 worth of Barbies around.

We even have Divorce Barbie, she came with all of Ken's stuff!

I miss my kids being little!!


My daughter is nine and wears a 6 in women's shoes and is 5'0.

She recently told me her Hello Kitty quilt was too "baby-ish".

GAH, make it stop.
Noooooooooooooooooooo!! My mind immediately went to the two-year-old who was paraded around the office where I worked, in her Halloween costume.
I didn't know! She's still 8 or 9 in my mind. *sigh*
My heart was actually racing as I read this. Ouch!
This is hard, but this is what you raised her to this point for. Enjoy every step, even when your heart is in your throat.
Time goes by way too fast. I have no idea where 15 months has gone. I feel like he will be driving next week. I am sure you will have fun with the new challenges.
No Comment- too busy *sobbing*
Someone already said to keep a few of her favourites - my 14 year old still has her 'special' barbies sitting on the top of her desk. She is gradually giving the rest away. It is hard to see them grow and that transition from girl to young woman happens so quickly (physically) that it is very scary. But on the inside they still need their mummy, and always will.
I love the way you write-becuase it is so true and real. Those spolit second decisions that have to be made right the first time? Scare the hell out of me on behlaf of all my kids. and I thought it would be easier with only one daughter (who thank the lord never cared about Barbies!), but I find it just as terrifying with a son.
Sorry Momo. I feel your pain with my own 12 and 11 year olds.
Forunately for me, my daughters are still little. But my sister, 11 years my junior? She's married and pregnant, and I ache for the days when she fit in my lap.
With two little girls, I know this day will come sooner than I'd like.

Hang in there, Momo.
It's one of the hardest things about parenting, watching them grow up. It just aches.
My cousin and I used our younger cousins as an excuse to play Barbies much longer than we probably should have. It was was all about the setup.
It's the teaching them to drive part that I found the hardest.

And then there was the kid in the high school parking lot who scraped up our car while my daughter watched, she exclaimed, he looked up and went Oh, sorry, 'chelle! and kept right on going.

His mom got a phone call from me. I bet he was surprised, he was so clueless. Kids. They can't see the logical outcomes--they can only be taught it, and then grow into it.
I'm not looking forward to some of the stuff that comes with my daughter getting older, like a couple of months ago: TRAINING BRA!! She's only 8!! EEK!
Oh, that's so sad and happy. I wonder if we'll ever cease to be shocked by our kids' ages? Will our blogs one day be saying, "OMG, I can't believe my little baby boy is SEVENTY TWO years old today?!" then marvel at how he stopped watching Wheel of Fortune and switched over to the Price is Right and how it's like a knife in the heart...
It's so much easier when the really important decisions are about what Barbie's accessories should be... It sounds like she's at least doing it gradually. Still; it's never slow enough for us parents!
Please, whatever you do, don't get rid of the Barbies... she might want them again when she is older... like me.
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