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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Question of the Day

Do you ever wake up with a zit in your ear, a pulled muscle in your back from lifting a case of water and a nose that will not stop running no matter how many times you blow it, then notice that one of your favorite shirts has a hole in it and that your super-expensive work shoes are all scuffed up, and then you laugh as you think, "Who cares...I'm a lunch lady" and remember how, because of your line of work, you went to the grocery store yesterday with baked rotini on your forehead?

Yeah. Me too.

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On the upside, your day can only get better from here on out. I hope.
That EXACT course of events just happened to me yesterday! Wow, what a coincidence! :)

(Hope your day gets better!)
Funny! The zit in the ear always puzzles me. Why the ear, zit?

Hugs and Mocha,
And I thought it was just me!
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Ear zits are second only to inside-the-nose-zits.

And?? Yer still dead-sexy.

(was it better the second time??)
I cant ever drink coffee while reading your post lest i spit upon my laptop. I have most certainly had those days. Ear zits are the worst.
But think Adam Sandler wrote a song just for you! May your forehead remain rotini free today.

',,, slop, sloppy joe...'
i keep tellin' ya, them hairnets is sexy!
What? No picture? Slacker....
I want to cry for you, not a laughing cry either.

It can ONLY get better though!

You're loved <3
oh my word! I had a post sorta like this last week. we should totally start the " too!" series of posts! love it! tee hee
It's those kind of days that make me want to stab my eyeballs out. Here's hoping that today ends up MUCH better! :)
At least you woke up today. My little guy was sick all night so I didn't get any sleep so I can't even say I friggin' WOKE UP!

'Nuff about me.
Those are the days I like to just go back to bed!
The only logical answer to that question is rum.
I need to see this recipe that calls for baking rotini on your forehead.

Ohhhhh, you serve rotini with your forehead? Well now that makes MUCH more sense.
Did someone throw the food at you in a food fight? Cos that would be cool!

Hope tomorrow is better!
As it is getting toward evening, I am hoping your day only got better. Ear zits . . . hate 'em.
No, but I do have a recurring dream where I'm standing on a cliff wearing exotic robes while thousands of women are throwing little pickles at me.

Hehe, I stole that but it seemed appropriate.
These glamorous jobs just rock!
That almost makes the skirt tucked into the back of my undies seem less bad!
It can only get BETTER! Right?
I have an inside my nose zit right now and it hurts so badly my eyes water if I touch the outside of my nose.

I hope you have a better weekend. :)
Honey - next time I'm in your area, We're partying! LOL
Oh, I just laughed out loud at that!
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