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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catholic Cliffs Notes Rerun: Ash Wednesday

This post originally appeared February 25, 2009...

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said I don't talk about religion? Well, scratch that. I saw a lot of comments on the internet last night from people who were confused by Lent. Never fear! Momo is here! Here to set you heathens straight.

Let's start with Ash Wednesday, because's today, and if you see people walking around with ashes on their foreheads, you won't just think they need to bathe.

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent in the Roman Catholic church, which is the 40 day period of preparation before Easter. For those of you who think Catholics can't count and say, "You people drink too much! There are 46 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter!", that's because Sundays don't count. It's kind of like kissing your grandma, in that you probably kissed her first, but you don't consider her your first kiss. Some things just don't count.

Ash Wednesday is a day of fast. Many Catholics will take the money that they would have spent on food and give it to the poor. Though, you know...recession. The act of fasting allows us to begin this period of reflection with a clean slate. It is a form of penance for our sins. It also makes most of us grumpy and gives us bad breath.

At Ash Wednesday Mass, the priest, or deacon or someone else authorized to do so, will take ashes made from burning the palms from last year's Palm Sunday Mass and put a cross on the congregant's forehead and say, "Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return."

This is to remind us to shape up real quick-like before St. Peter meets us at the pearly gates and says, "Sorry 'bout your luck."

So for 40 days and nights we reflect. We think about our sins, we fast, we pray, we give alms and we repent. A lot of Catholics offer up sacrifices. I am giving up chocolate. Mm-hmm. That's right. Just when the Girl Scout cookies get delivered too. This is why my Fat Tuesday dessert consisted of chocolate molten lava cake with ice cream and Reese's Cups on top. What?

When it gets hard to when your husband eats an entire sleeve of Thin Mints in your remember Christ's ultimate sacrifice, think about how you have sinned against Him and try not to smack your husband. Then you can offer up that you didn't eat the chocolate AND you didn't smack your husband. That's a Catholic two-fer.

If you see someone with ashes on their forehead today (including me) now you will know why. We are reminding ourselves that we won't be on this earth forever and we need to be sorry for our sins. It may not hurt you to remind yourself of that as well. Catholic or not, you can't deny that life is short and good morals aren't so bad.

So, if you see us, we don't care if you stare at our ashes, but don't get close enough to smell our breath. Fair warning.


Are you giving up chocolate again?

I love this post, again :)
Thanks for the reminder, now I won't keep telling people 'hey, you've got a smudge on your face.'

Good luck with the chocolate fast.

(my word verification was 'holymen.' That has to be some sort of sign to clean up my own act.)
Thank you for posting this... this is actually the first year my husband and I will be observing Ash Wednesday and Lent (we started attending a Methodist church this last year), and it is nice to see this explanation. I am curious as to what you decided to give up this year...
Girl Scout cookies freeze very well. ;)
-->I'm Catholic and have to figure out what to tell my mother that I'm giving up since she doesn't know I smoke when I drink. Damn, I'm so going to hell...lying, smoking, least we have confession to start over again.
I had a Catholic four-fer today. I didn't punch four people.

Oh, and I also refused leftover Fat Tuesday donuts. Just walked away. That has to count for something, right?
I remember reading this. is this our anniversary?

I'm giving up chocolate!
I was supposed to fast today??!! Damn! I should have read this BEFORE lunch.
I was going to give up sex, but it's so cliche. I can't give up the internet and I gave up beer last year (I'll never do that again). This year I am at a loss.
(snort) You is funny...

Loved the 'two-fer' line :)
One time in the 80s, a friend of mine who is Catholic, asked me what I was giving UP for Lent. I replied, "I'm a Baptist, we don't do Lent." I've never seen anyone give me the "You heretic, and I'll lite a candle for you" look since then!

He freaked.
Love it!
I had to laugh at that last line--I don't know if you know that dark chocolate over 70% kills the staph germs that cause cavities in your mouth? It really is a breath freshener. Fun news to know and use after Lent is over.
I've decided to give up parenting for Lent since it doesn't seem to be working anyhow.
I was born on Ash Wednesday. Just thought I'd share. And I have to admit when my parents first had ashes on their foreheads when Miss M was old enough to comment, she offered to wipe it off for them, so we explained.
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